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B E T H A N Y 🧪 ************************************ “Your feet cannot travel to the place where your mind has not been ” This blend was inspired by a very interesting story about a woman, almost 2000 years ago whose faith & undying devotion transitioned her into a new place and new beginnings ➖the story involves costly, precious anointing oils in a place called BETHANY⚱️ . . . . . . . #Magdala #emotionalaromatherapy #emotionsandessentialoils #scentoflife #holyland #olfactoryjourney #workshop #wellnessblend #bodymindspirit #ancientoils #scentofprovence #provence #lavender #spikenard

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❌ Abstimmen, abstauben! Am kommenden Donnerstag und Freitag findet im Food Court des Weimar Atrium eine Umfrage statt. Alle Teilnehmer haben die Chance auf folgende Center-Gutschein-Gewinne:⁣ ⁣ 1x 100,– Euro⁣ 1 x 50,– Euro⁣ 1 x 10,– Euro⁣ ⁣ Also kommt vorbei und macht mit – Wir freuen uns auf euch!⁣ ⁣ #Magdala #rabatt #reduziert #sale #sales #schnäppchen #sparen⁣

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150 year #Magdala is upon us It was fought April 9-13, 1868 when the #British assisted by the #Indian #Military invaded #Ethiopia again! #Emperor #Tewodros II fought valiantly but was outmatched by more modern weapons of the Europeans. Instead of surrendering to the #British, The Emperor shot himself with the same gun Queen Victoria gave him as a gift. The British looted national #treasures and #holy relics and loaded them onto 15 elephants and 200 mules all shared by the soldiers and the rest taken to House of Windsor and stored also in #Oxford. They also stole The emperors son 7 year old #Prince Alemayehu who was taken to #Queen #Victoria as a gift. She adored the wisdom and manners of the young prince and kept him like an adorned prize pet. The prince suffered from loneliness and depression until he passed away at the age of 18. Now the UK is preparing to return a lock of hair cut from the head of Emperor Tewodros II. Ethiopia, along with many other African nations have been demanding the return of these #sacred national #treasures looted and stolen by these savage vampires. Only time people want your hair is when they like to do wizardry and witchcraft over it. These vultures actually have Our #African people calling them Queen this and prince that! Listen up Queen E-Lizard-Bitch you ain’t no friend of mine! You can fool some of the people but you can fool the children of light no time! Rastafari!! #rastafari #rastafaritv #history #facts #repatriation #artifacts #qhs

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人間って天使な優しい部分ばかりじゃなくて荒御魂アラミタマみたいな人もいるんだよね。 神さまにも瀬織津姫 、カーリー、マグダラのマリアとか tabooで破壊屋さんみたいな女神様もいてw それも神様なんだよね。 最近あいのりのでっぱりんをみてまさしくこの子は破壊神やと思った♡ #art #picture #spiritual #love #god #ひきよせの法則 #宇宙の法則 #瀬織津姫 #karie #maria #Magdala #荒御魂

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“3 characteristics of a radical transformation when Jesus comes into your life: 1. A radical life transformed is delivered. (Luke 8:1-3) 2. A radical life transformed is supportive. (Luke 8:3) 3. A radical life transformed brings out a devoted follower.” #Magdala #radicaltransformation #jesuschangeslives #lovinggodlovingpeopleservingtheworld

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israel 2019 day 1 #Magdala #worshiponseaofgalilee #peterforgivenbyjesus #mountofbeatitudes #capernaum #gadarenes

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The Magdala Stone, limestone, 1st century, discovered during salvage excavations at Migdal synagogue in the Sea of Galilee in 2009. This side features a 7-branch menorah, the earliest such image known in a synagogue. The Migdal synagogue is also remarkable because it was in use during the lifetime of Jesus, whom the Gospels describe as preaching in synagogues throughout Galilee | at the new “The World Between Empires: Art and Identity in the Ancient Middle East” exhibition @metmuseum . #Magdala #middleeastart #middleeast #museum #nyc #met #themetropolitanmuseumofart #metropolitanmuseumofart #worldbetweenempires

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An excerpt from my new poem “Magdala” to be posted soon #Magdala #marymagdalene

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Hermosa fuerza dentro de mí. Eso que de alguna forma me hizo venir a este mundo. Mis Padres naturaleza y sabiduría y la bendigo de ese encuentro. Y así poquito a poquito fui Vivido por Dios. Algo tan hermoso me hizo crecer dentro del vientre de mi madre, Crecí hasta el día que llego el momento de conocer otra dimensión. Hermoso y maravilloso planeta llamado Tierra. De la nada y del amor de Dios que me ha creado y así en este instante regreso a mi fuente en gratitud. Nada que hacer. Es nuestra sabiduría Natural. En mis caminatas he mirado como los arboles han cambiado, han quedado desnudos ante la llegada de los vientos del otoño y el frio del invierno, Lo más hermoso que he podido experimentar es mirar como esos árboles en la llegada de la primavera comienzan a brotar sus retoños verdes, un contraste entre lo desnudo y algo que comienza a florecer. El árbol no se ha preguntado nada, se deja llevar por la energía responsable de su existencia que hace su cambio. Al igual he visto largos caminos de hormigas en el verano y yo tratando de extender mi paso para no molestarlas en su hacer. Luego en unos meses más, en el otoño e invierno comienzan a esconderse, me imagino, un gran festín por aquello que han recolectado con tanto amor y trabajo, también podrían estar extasiadas de tanto hacer el amor. Y ahora que llega la primavera y en mi caminar al trabajo cuando las miro en sus largas formaciones expando una sonrisa hacia la vida en ellas pues se están dejándose vivir por Dios y esa energía responsable que las hacen existir. No se preguntan nada. ni siquiera sin son o no son. Sencillamente desde la nada y su existencia. Así que en este bello y hermoso Domingo te expando mi gratitud celebrando mi existencia y tu existencia hermano y eso tan hermoso de dónde venimos, pues somos tan iguales a eso. Respiro y vuelvo a Respirar agradeciendo la existencia de esta energía tan natural responsable de mi Vida. Gracias, gracias, gracias… Te saluda Mario Arévalo Andrade. #Magdala #amor #respiraresvivir #reconocete #compasion #existencia #aquiahora #mantras #estasvivo #gratitud #valenciaespaña #venezuelahermosa #certeza #permítete #enamorado #mindfulness #bendiciones 🌅

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Leeds UK, is a city where I've spent much of my life. It's also a place where in November 1879, from the line of King Solomon, His Imperial Highness Alemayehu Towodros of Ethiopia died of pleurisy aged 18. Dejazmatch (Prince) #Magdala (today known as Amba Mariam) a village in central Ethiopia, to Emporer Towodros II and Empress Tiruwork Wube (The history of Ethiopia is rich and complex with much to learn and understand) In 1868 the Emporer took his life following the battle of Magdala when the British stormed the royal palace and disgracefully looted it of much it's sacred wealth, ornaments and artefacts including the Emporer's crown. British PirateCaptain Tristram Speedy stole/took the young Prince aged 7 to Britain and initially to his home in the Isle of Wight. He lived in India with the same sea captain, ordered back to England (as a ward/trinket of #queenvictoria ) to be educated in Cheltenham then Rugby then to the Royal Military College in Sandhurst but due to his deep unhappiness he was moved finally to #headingley in #leeds where he died 6 weeks after contracting pleurisy 😥😪 He was buried at Windsor Castle Berkshire. Emporer #haileselassie arranged for a suitable plaque to be mounted at the chapel at Windsor to correctly honour him. Since 2007 the Ethiopian government has demanded the return of the remains of their Prince for correct and fitting burial. Poet, author, broadcaster and activist Lemn Sissay continues to add his voice to this campaign. They have also demanded the return of the #stolensacredartefacts The 🤬queen of England and her 🤬govt have yet to assent to this! Peace be upon Prince Alemayehu and may his remains be returned to the place of his birth so he can truly be at peace 🌷🌷❤❤🇪🇹🇪🇹 Thanks Joe Williams Heritage Corner Leeds, Black History Walks who incorporates & honours this poignant part of history.

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En Magdala, descubriendo baños de purificación del Siglo I. #Magdala

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And...that was day 2. A little damp and chilly but spirits are good! Great day in the Galilee. #Magdala

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Have to keep it 💯; in which I’ve had many-a-convos with my bro, speaking in this vid. But, he’s opening a proverbial ‘can-of-worms’ that should’ve been hashed out years ago, & we have to address it. I personally am’ glad to see his ascent within the organization but, he clearly has his work cut out for him....More to come on this issue & more... #Repost from @rastafarigroundation. 👁️Get informed, Join, SHARE & Get Involved 👉Complete online applications plus $1USD via PayPal here at Misgana ምስጋና Thanks in Amharic! Also send FYI when you do to my active email #ewfpresident 👉 Ethiopianworldnet2012 #Magdala 👈 @rasiadonis #edos #ados

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😲 Bock auf Wurst? Die Thüringer Fleischwaren Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH Apolda – oder kurz Thüfleiwa – ist ein modernes mittelständisches Unternehmen, das sich der Herstellung von Fleisch- und Wurstwaren nach Original Thüringer Rezeptur verschrieben hat: Aus guter Tradition, vielfach ausgezeichnet im Geschmack und stets in höchster Qualität. Und ab April heißen wir das Traditionsunternehmen auch im Weimar Atrium willkommen. Also bewirb dich jetzt und werde Teil des Teams!⁣ ⁣ #Magdala #rabatt #reduziert #sale #sales #schnäppchen #sparen⁣

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🎉 Das Weimar Atrium freut sich darauf, ab April 2019 ein Traditionsunternehmen der Region im Haus begrüßen zu dürfen. Über 100 Jahre Erfahrung mit Original Thüringer Fleisch- und Wurstwaren und den „besten“ Bratwürsten des Freistaates konnten wir mit der Thüfleiwa aus Apolda ins Weimar Atrium locken.⁣ Herzlich Willkommen Thüfleiwa im Weimar Atrium!⁣ ⁣ #Magdala #rabatt #reduziert #sale #sales #schnäppchen #sparen⁣

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Wer löst auf? 😋⁣ ⁣ #Magdala #rabatt #reduziert #sale #sales #schnäppchen #sparen⁣

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