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10/10 for the dive Clancy Pants. 👌 #spayandneuter #gingerkitten #fosterkittens #fosteringsaveslives #cutekitten #cheekykitten

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"Many animals are afraid of the loud sounds of firecrackers and fireworks. Even if your dog or cat was not afraid before it might change at any moment! and your beloved pet might run away in panic. Keep your pets safe: walk dogs on a leash this month, keep cats indoors. Show love by keeping them safe!" - Lapko #rescuecat #LapkoTheCat

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🍼🐱💛 Share this with a cat lover↖️ From: DM for Credit ✅Follow @officialcatswag 🛎Notifications 🔛🆗

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He's killing a scuff mark on the floor #spayandneuter #fluffy #cuteymalutey #cat #catsofinstagram #catsofig #blackandwhite #lovehim #ultimatekillingmachine

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I guess post-OP life isn’t so bad. Mommy let’s me lay in her bed while I watch my videos all day☺️. Currently watching Santa Paws 2! 🐾🎅🏽 • • • #spayandneuter #mood😍 #cutnessoverload #moodlepuppy #moodlesofinstagram #christmaspup #recovery #justchilling

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Sometimes people mistake my apt for a cat cafe 😹 Kidding, but I wish. That would be a dream right? But I have cats (that’s for sure!), and I have coffee (enough) and I just got this awesome new mug so I think, yeah, it’s pretty close! This mug is important to me for several reasons...first, it promotes the amazing and tireless work of TNR rescuers who do this with their whole heart and literally save lives...TNR. SAVE LIVES. REPEAT 🙌 ...second, it features one of my first and favorite rescue kitties Barbatos (formerly Stingo)🖤 and finally, every mug sold helps me keep doing what I’m doing, trying hard to help the cats in my community. Teespring takes a cut but all proceeds after that go towards my cat rescue efforts. I don’t get grants or large donations so this fundraiser is really important to me, and to the cats who need help, and there are many. You know what I think? I think you could use this mug. I think a friend if yours would LOVE this mug. I think it makes a perfect Christmas, birthday, New Years, or a I’m just thinking about you gift 🎁🎁🎁 And if not a mug, there are tees, totes and stickers, too. ❤️ You really can’t go wrong with these cat-lover accessories and cat cafe accoutrements ☕️😻😬 TO MAKE A PURCHASE CHECK THE LINK IN MY BIO ⤴️💖🙏 ... #spayandneuter #spayandneuteryourpets

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Louis asking for cuddles and more cuddles #spayandneuter #グレートラ # #고양이 #rescuepet # #bestmeows  #ioeilmiogatto

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Today I bothered my big sister while she was in the litterbox. Scared her. Mom says Sadie pooped in an inappropriate place because I scared her. Mom says stop it and we need another litterbox. It’s all fine. Listen to me purrrrrr. Notice how I waited until Mom said this is my #spayandneuter #purrpurrpurr #seniorcat #catmom

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Milaboo under the Christmas tree🎄🧸💘🐈🎀💫

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What a random assortment of pictures 😂 everyone rocks thank you for following along on this crazy ride called my life!! Heres to an ok 2018 and a hopefully much better 2019! I Certainly have accomplished a lot in the year when looking back now! From fostering to TNR Coordinator life continues to surprise! . . . . . #spayandneuter #tnrworks

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🎄 12 DOGS OF CHRISTMAS 🎄 On the sixth day of Christmas we present to you ... #spayandneuter #thaidog #dogrescue #rescuedog #donate #charity #mansbestfriend #thaistreetpaws #dogsoftheday #dogsoftheworld #spreadthelove #spreadtheword #dogloversfeed #lovedogs #dogofig #yearofthedog #dogsofinstagram #disableddog

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So... Hawa likes to drink her milk upright. She doesn't like it any other way so I let her do whatever makes her comfortable. I love the way she grabs onto the syringe with her lil claws ♡ . Also, yes, she does drink from a syringe. I give her the formula in a bottle but for some reason she never drinks even half the amount that she's meant to have, so I give the rest in a syringe and she latches a lot better. As long as she's healthy, I don't mind what she drinks from! . . . . #spayandneuter #fosteringsaveslives #fostermom #fosterkitten #animalshelter #adoptdontshop #kittenlady #catlover #arabianmau #blackcatclub #blackcatsrule #orphankitten #fosterkitten

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Finally got a Christmas tree! 😄 Taji was first in then he got the stare down from Enara 👀This one caught my eye when it came up in my online search & seeing it was handcrafted by women in Nepal made it extra special! Thanks @dharma_dog_karma_cat for carrying such a great product line! 💜 #spayandneuter

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@Regran_ed from @friendsofwestvalley - Hi, it’s me Twister here. Just thought I’d pop in and say hi to everyone and let you know that I’ve been feeling pretty great this past couple of weeks. I’ve just been hanging out with my foster mom and working on my “begging face” in preparation for the holiday feasts 😆🐶 I went to the vet today (first time in two weeks!) and they drained 3.5 liters! This is pretty good considering I was going to the vet weekly to get drained. It’s late and I have just a couple of things to say... One, I have many friends who are still at the shelter and they’d love to be in a home for the holidays, especially the senior ones like me. If you have room in your home, please consider adopting or fostering a senior. And two, as always, thank you @takemehomerescue for continuing to help with all my medical needs. I’m a very lucky boy ❤️ Good night 🌙💫 #spayandneuter #shelterdog #home #homefortheholidays #compassion #grateful #gratitude #thankyou #love #holidaywish #losangeles - #regrann

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Type: Unisex Gildan softstyle63000 / NSA softstyle3600 O'Neck T-Shirt Color : Kustom Poliflex: Rhino (korea) / Siser (italy) Harga : 110K (Rhino) ; 125K (Siser) Status : Pre order 1-2 hari Size ready : S M L XL (XXL tambah 10.000) . Ask / Order ? ☎️ / WA / Telegram 081215566667 🆔 line : @kikymrs . . #spayandneuter #kaoscustom #pets #animal #buyanddonate #catshirt #dogshirt

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Type: Unisex Gildan softstyle63000 / NSA softstyle3600 O'Neck T-Shirt Color : Kustom Poliflex: Rhino (korea) / Siser (italy) Harga : 110K (Rhino) ; 125K (Siser) Status : Pre order 1-2 hari Size ready : S M L XL (XXL tambah 10.000) . Ask / Order ? ☎️ / WA / Telegram 081215566667 🆔 line : @kikymrs . . #spayandneuter #kaoscustom #pets #animal #buyanddonate #catshirt #dogshirt

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