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Showcasing the most talented BMX riders from across the globe in a fun atmosphere.

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Make plans now for the Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championships September 13-15 at the Off The Wall Skatepark in Huntington Beach, California. Can’t even wait to see @KrisFoxBMX in full flight on home turf. Photo: @Matt_Cordova @FastAndLooseBMX #vansbmxprocup

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Getting a few messages about the park in Mexico City that the event is at. It’s this one. We sent @GarybYoung there to inspect it recently. @WattzUp is building some additions to it as well so you know it’ll be firing. August 16-18. Regional Qualifier, Men’s, Women’s, Best Trick, Best Line and more... #vansbmxprocup

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MEXICO CITY AUGUST 16-18 #vansbmxprocup Register for the RQ now! Just a few spots remaining! @Matt_Cordova by @DoleckiVisuals

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Gallery posted from the east coast National up on 🤘 Photo’s by @JoshMcelweePhoto #vansbmxprocup

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Highlights from today’s east coast @WoodwardCamp Vans BMX Pro Cup National. Congrats again to the 🦍, @Credence_Bikes Clip: @DanFoley #vansbmxprocup Upcoming: Mexico, August 16-18. Huntington Beach, CA Finals September 13-15. #vansbmxprocup Music: @bratkings

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8th place for 14-year-Old Nathan Halahan today @WoodwardCamp. This kid will be on tour in no time. ( @irodetoday) Pic: @DanFoley #vansbmxprocup

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Here’s the top 3 from @WoodwardCamp 🏆 @Credence_Bikes, @Chase_Pauza 2nd, @JaydenMucha 3rd! Video highlights coming soon from @DanFoley #vansbmxprocup

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Results in from @WoodwardWest Womens National @Nikita.Ducarroz 🏆, @Maacabmx 2nd, @PerrisBenegas 3rd. #vansbmxprocup

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Party time @WoodwardCamp Pennsylvania!!! 3 riders will get a travel package from today to ride in Huntington Beach, CA at the Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championships in September. Also, a qualifier is happening today for the women @WoodwardWest!! 🤘 #vansbmxprocup

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The Mexico stop gets rowdy! We're at an all new park this year. Join us. Mexico City, Mexico August 16-18 #vansbmxprocup

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We have two National events on this Thursday, June 27! Out east, we have @WoodwardCamp in PA and out west, a women’s only event @WoodwardWest in CA. The Halahan boys (Nathan and Lukas @irodetoday) are competing this year, we can’t wait to see how they do. #vansbmxprocup for info and registration. Keep up on @TheBloomBMX for the women’s event.

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BMX icons of all ages. We get them all at the Vans BMX Pro Cup. Pro Stop #3 Mexico City, Mexico August 16-18. BE THERE #vansbmxprocup

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