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Published: 13.11.2018 to 03:33:54
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Dealer GRW Hoover Antique Gallery: Boar Tusk on Black Forest Plaque Asking $139 (30% Off Sale going on NOW!!!). Hoover Antique Gallery 3411 Old Columbiana Road Hoover Alabama. #BirminghamAlabama #cooldecor #birminghaminteriors #birminghamdecorators

Published: 13.11.2018 to 03:31:15
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Wedge wonders. ♥︎🖤♥︎⠀ ⠀ ⠀ suede wedge ($178)⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #shoeaddict #shoelover⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ #BirminghamAlabama #flashesofdelight #pursuepretty #thehappynow #livecolorfully #theeverygirl #howyouglow #ootd #instafashion #fashionblogger #glitterguide #theinstagramlab #abmhappylife #stylecollective #realoutfitgram #whatimwearing #theblogissue #supportsmallbusiness #savvybusinessowner #womensupportingwomen #smallbusiness #smallbiz #bebold #supportlocal #instagood #instastyle #outfitoftheday

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Color correction +peekaboos for this gorgeous lady @dewdropdoula205 bye 👋 bye 👋 brass 💙 —What happens during a color correction? When hair gets lightened, color is actually being taken out, not put in. Unfortunately, other things come out along with the color, such as protein, leaving the hair damaged. If it needs to be lightened again and again, that’s more structural elements that are being removed, too. —One way to protect your hair from a ton of damage is to spread out the service over a couple weeks. While you won’t leave the salon with the desired result in one day, you will leave with your hair still on your head. —If a color turned out too light or the guest wants to go a lot darker, the hair will need to be “filled.” “Filling” means depositing pigment back into the hair. This isn’t as simple as picking a color and putting it on; that’s how you end up with muddy or green colors. Once the hair is filled, it will need to be colored at least once more to get a desired shade. —Because a color correction can be more involved, the cost will most times be substantially higher. Some stylists charge $100-$200 per hour for a service that could take 5 hours to complete. That cost reflects the amount of color used and the amount of time your stylist needs to work on your hair. ———————-——🔝 check out my bio and click to call to make your appointment this holiday season

Published: 13.11.2018 to 03:18:02
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🚨🚨 D E S T I N Y Music video shot by #BirminghamAlabama #nikon #freedaguys #205 #musicvideo #film #director #rap #hiphop #music #dope #🔥

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💖☢️ Ice Atomic Pixie ☢️ 💖If you’re going out at night and your friends say you have a tendency to get lost in the crowd, then you’ll love a hot pink neon hair color. With it’s near glow-in-the-dark properties, you’ll never get lost again. In fact, with this hot pink hair dye, you’re likely to draw people in much like a bright light bulb attracting flying insects. (PS.this hot pink is blacklight reactive!) ————————— If you are ready to stand out in a crowd checkout @stephaniehairart bio out and make your appointment for the holidays _________________________ to keep your pink vivid, use the #pink shampoo by @watercolorshair . These special shampoos are not just color safe – they are infused with pink color, so each time you wash your hair you deposit a bit more dye into it, ensuring it remains looking bright and fresh. #iseeintechnicolor #hairartiststephanie #elumen

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Don’t forget to stop by @blo_homewood tomorrow for their holiday shop and style event! This will be an all day event filled with lots of giveaways from other vendors, a 15% discount from us and $30 blowouts!! We hope to see you there!! • • • • • • • #BirminghamAlabama

Published: 13.11.2018 to 03:03:08
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Dealer GRW Hoover Antique Gallery: Susan I have “pickin” Fantastic Designer Lamps just in time for to brighten up your decor for the holidays. $49 and up. Designer pieces like Chapman and Ralph Lauren. Also, we have a 30% OFF SALE going on now. Come visit our three packed booths at Hoover Antique Gallery 3411 Old Columbiana Road Hoover Alabama. #BirminghamAlabama #BirminghamAlabama #birminghaminteriors #birminghaminteriordesign #decor #lamps #alabama

Published: 13.11.2018 to 02:59:27
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We know what you're thinking: No one at my company has time to make videos 😑⠀ ⠀ That's where we come in! Shoot us an email to learn more about our Social Media Video packages. 📷🎥🖥️

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Dealer GRW Hoover Antique Gallery: Just In Vintage “CHAPMAN” Horn Lamps. Decorator’s Dream Lamps. Asking $589 each (Don’t forget our 30% OFF SALE is going on NOW). Hoover Antique Gallery 3411 Old Columbiana Road Hoover Alabama #BirminghamAlabama #southsidebirmingham #interiordecorator #cooldecor

Published: 13.11.2018 to 02:48:32
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Christmas time is my favorite🎄

Published: 13.11.2018 to 02:35:42
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The perfect accompaniment for your mescal? Orange slices with spicy worm salt. Come in and give it a try. #BirminghamAlabama #birminghamrestaurants #beckysatterfield #angelarschmidt

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This is what you call a CAKE lol. It took us 2 days to build the board, structure and decorate this cake, it weighed a ton. The pieces took days!!!! Everything is handmade and hand painted. Our customer was a chicken farmer, cattle farmer, electrician, and a plumber. We painted a picture of everything in cake form. Thank you for giving me complete artistic control on this💕 (205)678-8049 100 Chelsea Corners Way Chelsea, Al. 35043 Benson Plaza Suite 109 #BirminghamAlabama

Published: 13.11.2018 to 02:27:36
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Come yoga with me this week! 🍁 Monday 7 PM: donation-based Community Ashtanga at @birminghamyoga 🍂 Tuesday 5:30 PM: Yin at @goldentemplecafe 🌾 Thursday 6 PM: Yin Surrender at @kindrootsyoga 💐 Friday 10:30 AM: Basics at @puravidahealingarts 🍄 Saturday 9 AM: Slow Flow at @puravidahealingarts 🍃 Sunday: 10 AM relax & rejuvenate at @kindrootsyoga // 1:30 PM Sound Flow at @kindrootsyoga // 5 PM donation-based Community Slow-Flow at @birminghamyoga 🌹 #BirminghamAlabama #irondale #forestpark #kindrootsyoga #puravidahealingarts #birminghamyoga #goldentemplecafe

Published: 13.11.2018 to 02:17:16
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Text 757-329-8448 for availability and this week’s specials!!! #BirminghamAlabama #nailsofinstagram #miami #bookme #comeseeme

Published: 13.11.2018 to 02:16:22
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Showing some Spidey love #BirminghamAlabama #birmingham

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We are so smart and have access to everything that we depend on ourselves to know it all... And we don’t then we worry. 1 day at a time & #KeepPUSHING

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