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Workers Compensation In A Nutshell . If an employee gets hurt or sick from an on-the-job situation, the business might have an obligation to pay for their losses. That's the job of workers compensation insurance . By filing a claim, incapacitated employees can qualify for supplementary income. This can help pay medical bills, rehab costs and other everyday needs. As a result, workers compensation policy can help a company provide valuable personnel support. Nevertheless, those benefits can support the business, too . Some of the perks for the company can include: . Regulatory Compliance . Many states require businesses over a certain size to carry workers compensation insurance. By investing in coverage, you can save yourself the hassle of legal penalties . We can't understate the importance of this coverage for every business. Just because you might not have to carry it, doesn't mean you should go without it . Financial Security . By investing in workers compensation coverage, you can put your business on more secure financial grounds. First, your coverage can help you avoid paying any injury settlements out-of-pocket. That's a huge cost risk, eliminated by having coverage . Also, coverage often aids an employee in their recovery. They can seek better care, in more ways, often at a lower personal cost. Therefore, the worker might be able to return to work in better shape than before. This can help the business continue to operate smoothly . Lawsuit Prevention . In most cases, by taking workers compensation coverage, employees surrender their ability to sue the business for their injuries. Therefore, the business doesn't have to cover unexpected lawsuits from their employees. However, you can still provide a financial settlement, just in the form of benefits. That's a lot of cost savings on potential legal bills.

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Here are 4 things experts recommend to protect your personal information online . ➖Use a stronger password. You should try to create complex passwords using a combination of special characters, numbers and odd phrases that aren’t easily guessed. Instead of “mike2013,” for example, remember something like “In 2013, Mike broke his leg in Omaha” and translate it into “i13MbhliO!” Password-management software can help, too; these programs generate strong passwords for you and require you to remember just one master password . ➖Better yet, use multi-factor authentication.Many companies and online service providers offer this feature, which forces you to provide verification beyond a password to sign in. You might be required to enter a code that is sent to your mobile device, or answer security questions. Beware the security questions, however—thanks to publicly available information, these can be easy to guess. So make sure your answers are things only you would know. If multi-factor authentication is available, you should use it, especially for sites with your most sensitive information . ➖Watch out for phishing attempts. If someone happens to send you an email that is plausible because of your present situation, you could be fooled. Unless you’re absolutely sure about the person or company you’re dealing with, don’t give out personal or financial details on the phone or via email. If you have a question about someone’s authenticity, type the organization’s web address into your browser. Then call or email back using the information on the actual website, or get the correct contact information from your account statement . ➖Back up (or wipe out) your data. Not only is this important in case your device is stolen, it also can save you in the event of a “ransomware” attack, where someone blocks access to your data unless you pay a fee. And remember to always fully wipe old devices before selling or recycling them. Simply deleting files isn’t enough—check with the manufacturer and learn how to completely erase all of your information.

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Is your home as efficient as it could be? An energy audit can tell you . The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program estimates that homeowners can save 5% to 30% on annual energy costs by incorporating technologies to make their homes operate more efficiently. Think that’s not a big deal? Based on typical energy costs, it could mean savings ranging from $105 to $627, according to Energy Star . Follow the tips below, you’ll see where your home loses energy, how efficient your heating and cooling systems are and ways you can decrease your electricity use . Where’s the air?👉🏼Air commonly leaks from homes through gaps around baseboards, electrical outlets and windows or doors—if you feel like you’re running the heat all the time to no avail, that warm air might be escaping. Stopping these drafts can save up to 30 percent of your yearly energy costs. Be sure to check your home’s exterior as well, paying particular attention to areas where two different building materials meet. When you find leaks, seal them with caulk or weather stripping . Don’t wait to insulate Check to see if you have enough insulation in your ceiling and walls. The attic door or hatch should be insulated and close tightly. For walls, make a small hole in a closet or other inconspicuous place and probe into the wall with a screwdriver—if the area isn’t completely filled with insulation, you’re probably losing heat in the winter and cool air in the summer . Check your furnace and AC systems 👉🏼Heating and cooling systems that work correctly and efficiently can save you frustration as well as money. Make sure ducts and pipes are insulated properly, and have your equipment checked and cleaned by a professional each year. Filters for forced-air furnaces should be replaced as soon as they are dirty, or every 30 to 60 days . Let there be (efficient) light 👉🏼More than half of the light sockets in the U.S. still contain an inefficient bulb, according to Energy Star—and the average home has about 70 sockets! LED bulbs use about 90% less energy than regular bulbs, and they last a lot longer, too. Many will still be going after 20 years.

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We use the latest in dental technology for the comfort of our patients. 4-handed dentistry can be jarring for some patients. Here, Dr. Reza is using the “Isolite” for illumination, proper isolation and suction on our patient for placing esthetic white fillings. #ElMonteCalifornia

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Decreasing Your Risk of Water Leaks and Home Water Damage . The easiest step to avoiding costly home water damage is to monitor your water pressure. High water pressure can cause hoses and pipes to wear down quicker than normal. The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) defines excessive water pressure as pressure measuring above 80 psi in its Uniform Plumbing Code. If you find that your water pressure is exceeding the maximum psi, a pressure reducing valve (PRV) can be added to help regulate your water pressure. Contact a professional, licensed contractor to install any water pressure valves or pressure regulators . In addition to monitoring your home’s water pressure, regularly inspecting appliances that use water will decrease your risk for water leaks. Washing machines, sinks, dishwashers and hot water heaters are all susceptible to wear and tear that leads to leaky joints and hoses. Be sure to replace or repair any joints, pipes and hoses that show signs of damage or mineral buildup. For older appliances, pipes and hoses should be monitored especially close as they are more likely to need repair. Some repairs, such as exchanging copper pipes for steel tubing or resealing the base of a toilet, can be fairly cost effective if done proactively . Water sensors, also known as water alarms or flood sensors, are great tools to monitor your appliances. A water sensor will act similar to a smoke detector to alert you to any unwanted water. Basic water detection sensors can be found at most home improvement stores. Also known as passive water sensors, these devices are placed near appliances such as a washing machine and emit an alarm when they become damp. Exposed metal prongs are attached to a small battery which sets off the alarm when in contact with moisture. These allow you to act quickly should something go wrong with your plumbing.

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Limpieza espiritual El amor y las relaciones que restauran la eliminación de los celos generan energía positiva. Llame hoy a la consulta gratuita 818-741-6619 #ElMonteCalifornia #comptoncalifornia #chinesenewyear2019 #90210 #beverlyhills #elmonteca #huntingtonbeach #Alabama #georgia #currentcountry #bakersfieldcollege #91364

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Here is a common and costly mistake homeowners make 👉🏼 Skipping maintenance on your appliances . Not only will keeping your appliances in good shape ensure they work effectively and prolong their lifespan, maintenance also can prevent serious risks. For example, when was the last time you cleaned out your dryer exhaust vent? No, not the screen you pull out when you’re doing laundry, but the one on the back or side. Too much lint buildup there can cause a fire—so clean it out at least once a year. You also should check the hoses connected to your washing machine and dishwasher. Are they worn? Do they need to be replaced? Do it now, before one fails when you’re not at home and causes significant water damage. Other tips: . ➖Clean your refrigerator coils at least once a year. ➖Clear out your dishwasher’s food filter regularly. ➖Vacuum up dust and other debris in window air conditioners before you start using them each year. ➖Remember to test your smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors twice a year, installing fresh batteries each time.

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You finally have health insurance. Now what? ChapCare can help understand and use your new health coverage. Call 626-486-9696 for FREE help! . . #ElMonteCalifornia #SouthElMonte #SouthElMonteCA #SouthElMonteCalifornia #SGV #SanGabrielValley

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We are here Thursdays in you city south el monte.

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Reasons Why You Should Buy Earthquake Insurance . 1. Your current homeowners or renters insurance policy does not cover everything. Structural damages and broken personal property resulting from an earthquake are most likely not covered by your homeowners or renter policies. You’ll need to purchase additional coverage to protect it from earthquakes . 2. Earthquake insurance may not be as expensive as you think. The assumption is that earthquake insurance is cost prohibitive, but that is not always the case. There are a number of different factors that influence the price and you should talk to your insurance agent to learn more about the many available options . 3. It’s easy to get. You don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to buy earthquake insurance. With the help of an insurance agent it’s quite simple. If you already have homeowners insurance your agent can provide you a quote and get you signed up right away . 4. Federal and state governments can only help so much. If the President officially declares a disaster, FEMA will help in an evacuation or recovery effort. This may also provide access to disaster aid funds, however, there are no guarantees that you’ll be eligible and this money is often difficult to get . 5. Your home might be on or near a fault line. It seems like the type of useful information a realtor needs to tell you, but the truth is that homes are sometimes sold without disclosing potential environmental dangers. This is against the law in many states, but it does happen so you should ask specific questions, like whether or not there is an earthquake fault nearby. Sometimes, however, faults are completely unknown. If you are buying a house in California, you can check fault lines at: . 6. One thing is certain … there will be more earthquakes in the future. California has it all … great weather, lots to do, and earthquakes. In fact, there is a 99% chance that within the next 30 years there will be a 6.7 or greater earthquake, according to the California Earthquake Authority.

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🚗 Gracias a Todos y Cada uno de Nuestros Clientes Por darnos la oportunidad de ser su Dealer de Confianza Y con eso ser mejores dia con dia 🥇🏆 Brindando un Trato de Familia a Familia Gracias por ser parte de 🥇SUS AMIGOS AUTO CENTER🥇 #ElMonteCalifornia #toyota #toyotacorolla

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Here are great reasons why you’ll love working with our insurance agents: . ➖They’re local. We believe help should never be far from home. @esigninsurance agents live, work, play and give back to the same communities you do. Plus, when you buy your policy through a local insurance agency, you can feel good that your money is flowing back into your local economy, too . ➖They’re independent. An independent agent gives you options. If @esigninsurance isn’t the best fit for your insurance needs, our agents can help you find coverage with another company instead . ➖It’s personal. Insurance is more than just a transaction. At @esigninsurance , we’ve always believed the heart of this business is treating people right and forming relationships. With an agent, exceptional service is an everyday indulgence that every customer deserves . ➖We know our stuff. Our @esigninsurance agents know insurance inside out and upside down. They want to help you understand what coverage you’re buying, why it matters and how it works . ➖Because life can change quickly. Marriage, children, home buying, starting a business… life’s changes come with new goals and dreams. Your @esigninsurance agent knows you personally and can help you understand if your insurance coverage is keeping up with your life . ➖We are passionate. Our agents love what they do – protecting all that matters most to you. And that makes all the difference . Contact us at ☎️ 562-801-2222

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