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Here are tips for making sure you’re protected in the event of a wildfire . ➖First, make sure you’re fully covered by insurance. You don’t want to rely on FEMA -- that’s a needs-based program and the maximum grant is $32,000. ➖You want to be sure you have enough insurance to rebuild from the ground up. Here’s what will help you determine that: the cost to rebuild in most parts of California is $130 - $180 per square foot. Do the math and confirm with your insurance company that your coverage meets those numbers. ➖Take a thorough home inventory. This means more than taking pictures and videos. Last year, in the Bay Area fires, some homeowners had to account for every single item they lost -- down to every fork and sock. They took heavy hits when they couldn’t complete a detailed inventory. ➖If you live in a high fire risk area, insurance experts recommend buying as much Extended Replacement Cost Coverage as you can afford. If you need to rebuild, this covers you beyond your policy limits. ➖Finally, don’t just rely on what the insurance company tells you. Do some homework -- double check what they advise. Document every conversation with them -- including the date and the name of the person you spoke with.

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With air quality levels now hazardous in many areas of the state due to the devastating wild fires, you could experience serious health effects from the smoke. - If you’re in an affected area you should avoid all outdoor physical activity, remain indoors, and keep activity levels low. - To check air quality levels in your area, visit . By @californiahighwaypatrol

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Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who have fought to protect the red, white, and blue‼️We’re so thankful for you today and every day. #VeteransDay 🇺🇸

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Driving through the USA:🚙🇺🇸🤳👣🕶 What do you need? *4friends *motorhome *freetime *an idea *freedom *happyness 🤩 #ElMonteCalifornia #sunset #worthtosee #traveltherapy #traveldesire #traveldestinations #deathvalley #california #usaroadtrip #desert #colourfulsight #placestogo #travelmeanslife #campingtour #travelphotographer #naturalexperience #landscapephotography #wanderlust #escapetheroutine #traveller #reisenmachtglücklich #travelfreedom #travelling #travelpsychologist #travelpsychology #neverstoptravelling #travelblogger

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What Type of Auto Insurance Is Needed to Cover Your Passengers? . In basic liability auto insurance policies, bodily injury limits covers passenger in another vehicle only. To ensure your passengers are covered in case of an accident, you need a full auto insurance policy with medical or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage . A full coverage auto insurance policy that includes medical and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage provides protections for you and your passengers no matter who is determined to be at fault for an accident. The cost of this coverage depends on various factors, including policy limits . Our team at @drivenowinsurance in Southern California can help you purchase the right auto insurance coverage at the best available rates to help keep yourself and your passengers safe . Contact us at ☎️ 562-801-2222

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Who remembers going to Golfland?😭✋ #ElMonteCalifornia #golfland

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Motorhome experience: four friends driving through the USA 🚙🇺🇸 * Breakfast time, lake view included😎🏞🍳🥓🥪☕ * Thanks to El Monte RV California 🙏 * *Would you enjoy this moment? * #motorhome #usaroadtrip #ElMonteCalifornia #naturalexperience #perfectmorning #travelmeansfreedom #travelbuddies #naturephotography

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⚠️SATURDAY & SUNDAY⚠️ @el_culichi_camarones 🦐12:30-5PM city of El Monte, CA #ElMonteCalifornia Don’t miss out! 💪🏽🔥

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Too mistakes made by a small business . Not having a backup plan: We love to glorify big risk takers especially when they get the big payoff but a truly savvy entrepreneur knows how to take a "risk" without letting it completely take them down should things not go according to plan. Be cautious and calculated in your risk taking, and always ask: How will I recover if this gamble doesn't pay off? . Not having a plan in the first place: If you want to compete in the real business world, you need a real business plan. No matter how much you have going for you, don't skip this crucial step . Over or undervaluing your product: Either one of these miscalculations can mean serious trouble for your business's future. Study your market and your target customer base to make the best possible valuation of your product or service from day one . Not giving yourself enough time: Time takes time, unfortunately. And long-term, sustainable growth usually comes with patience and the willingness to make slow but steady progress . Not collecting from clients: Whether it's because you don't have a clear accounting plan or your first clients happen to be close friends or acquaintances, not making the time or effort to follow up with those who owe you money sets a terrible precedent and can cause serious cash flow problems. Make sure you have a system in place for collecting on unpaid debts . Not putting things on paper: Whether it's a company vision and values statement, a contract, or legal agreement: it's absolutely critical to take the time to think through and write things down and get signatures, when necessary . Not having insurance: Even if you work from home and have zero employees, anything that goes wrong related to your business probably won't be covered by your homeowner's policy. Protect yourself by getting the right business insurance policy . Not investing in marketing: Many small business owners think they don't have the capital to invest in a strong marketing strategy, when really, they can't afford not to invest in some kind of marketing plan. A good marketing firm can help you work within your budget to get the most out of what you can afford.

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The trolly was our Uber back in the day in El Monte!😂👏 #ElMonteCalifornia

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Here’s a home improvement that can save you money on homeowners insurance 👉🏼 Replace the Roof . In 20 states prone to hail, replacing your roof can trigger a "roof age" discount. In other cases, you may need to install a specific type of roof to get a reduction in your homeowners insurance. A number of insurers will trim premiums for customers in areas prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, or wildfire, for example, if they purchase a "fortified" roof made of stronger materials . The discount: State Farm offers a discount of up to 35% for impact-resistant roofs in some states, to reduce any damage from hail and other wind-borne objects. The discounts vary, though, depending on location . People who have replaced roofs with fortified versions have reported premium discounts from their insurers ranging from 5% to 15%, or more. The discounts seem to be highest in California, where fires are more common . When insurers offer discounts because of new roofing, they may only give breaks for certain products from specific manufacturers. Check with your carrier before replacing your roof. State Farm, for instance, publishes lists of eligible roofing materials for policyholders in 26 states, as well as Alberta, Canada. The insurer gives breaks on asphalt composition shingles, clay tiles, concrete tiles, metal, and slate shingles, among others.

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