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Published: 26.03.2019 to 04:31:13
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Happy #MUSICMONDAY!! Every Monday our certified Kindermusik instructor, @kindermusik_withmissashley shares a musical game or craft for you to try with your kiddos at home! . For a kid, the only thing better than playing with a noisy toy is getting to MAKE a noisy toy. A rain stick is the perfect recycled craft to satisfy your little noisemaker. Using found objects, like a cardboard tube and some rice or beans, means this craft will cost you next to nothing - and it’s also a great opportunity to teach your children about giving new life to things that look like trash. . This week you can create your own rainstick and decorate it with your favorite colors! Gather a few items from around your home: ⭐️cardboard tube (large = rainstick, small = baby rattle), ⭐️craft nails, ⭐️funnel, ⭐️hammer, ⭐️clear ⭐️packing tape, ⭐️rice or beans, and ⭐️duct tape, wrapping paper, washi tape and paint (optional). . 👉Tape off the bottom with clear packing tape 👉Place first nail toward the end of the type and hammer it in 👉Rotate by a 1/4 of a turn, place nail 1/2” to 1” below the top nail 👉Continue this process all the way down the stick 👉Pour rice and beans (your “rain”) through a funnel into the tube 👉Tape off open end 👉Optional: add washi tape to each end to give it a clean edge and tie embroidery thread for a pop of color . You can watch the detailed instructional video by visiting the link in the bio. . Does your little one LOVE making noise??! 🎶 Join us for our Kindermusik classes! ❤️ Friday with your 1,2, or 3 year old at 9:15 and 10:30 in Grand Rapids ❤️ Saturday with your 6 mos-5 yr old at 10:30 in Grand Rapids . RSVP to class by visiting the link in the bio. Are you new to The Village? Visit our website (link in bio) to request your FREE 🙌 trial pass!! . . . #betteratthevillage #thevillageofmi #bettertogether #bettertogetheratthevillage #kindermusikwithmissashley #wiggleandgrow #musicclass #toddlermusic #babymusic #infantclass #toddlerclass #preschoolclass #GrandRapidsMichigan #GRMI  #grgram #iheartgr #westmichigan

Published: 26.03.2019 to 04:29:04
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Looking for a venue with character, charm and convenience? Look no further- we have you covered! We still have a select number of 2019 dates available - let’s talk about your event! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #bakerloftsholland #bakerloftsevents #hollandmi #westmichiganwedding #michiganwedding #michiganweddingvenue⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #GrandRapidsMichigan #theknotmi #grandrapidswedding #grandrapidsweddings

Published: 26.03.2019 to 04:28:18
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Cheers to Oberon day! 🍊🍺 Putting something on the grill for dinner was a must tonight. So we got the grill out of storage and made burgers to enjoy with the beer. Summer we’re ready for you ☀️

Published: 26.03.2019 to 03:55:18
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All I need is more chickens. 😅 This is NOT true but I do have chick fever this time of year. When Steve gives me a general idea of the number of chicks to purchase from our hatchery, I usually err on the max number suggested. 😄 Speaking of too many chickens, Steve was able to get a great start on our chicken coop addition this past weekend. We are excitedly doubling our coop to accommodate all of our new layers. #givemeallthechickens #moormanfamilyfarms

Published: 26.03.2019 to 03:28:05
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The truth is it was pretty chilly for Sydney + Anthony’s engagement session, but you would never know it by looking at this photo. Thanks for such a fun session you two and for braving the chilly temps! #GrandRapidsMichigan #city #brideandgroom #dreamylight #tistheseason #bridetobe #backlight #sigmaart #dreamy #lightandairy

Published: 26.03.2019 to 03:19:28
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Have you ever purchased “gray” paint only to have it look purple or blue or army green or taupe...? It’s SUPER tricky. But I do have one tried and true hint for getting a perfect black-hued gray. Choose paint swatches based on the darkest color. 👊🏻 If you find one that looks the most like a true black without hints of other colors, then choose one of the lighter shades in that family. It’s too hard to determine how gray something really is based on the lightest shades. Look at the darkest and work back. 👍🏻 Also, check out this amazing “after” of a client fireplace in process. (Swipe to see the before.) We loved the flagstone work on the lower half and of course the amazing copper mantel — but gray on top would be just what the doctor ordered to make this fireplace the focal point it deserves to be! As you can see from her text, she shopped my tip to get the perfect gray!!

Published: 26.03.2019 to 02:41:24
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What a week! I am still tired. Drove over a 1000 miles around the #upperpenninsula of #michigan. #travelforwork Visited #GrandRapidsMichigan. Saw a #frozenlakemichigan. Stayed at a #tapestrybyhilton by the #chicagoairport. Nice hotel. Very quiet considering the proximity to the airport. Quick flight home on Saturday. Did I mention that I am at the airport now?

Published: 26.03.2019 to 02:41:19
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A City On The Rise... 🌃 ACommunity Full Of Dignity & Honor & Full Of People Who Prioritize Service Over “The Flash In The Pan”!!! Photography Credit 📸: @roosterbeakphotography • • • #GRUSA #GRMI #GRMichigan #GrandRapidsUSA #ShopGRUSA #GRAmerica #GrandRapidsMichigan #GrandRapidsMi #GrandRapids #GRGram #GRCity616 #GrandCity #ILoveGR #DestinationGR #ExperienceGR #ExperienceGrandRapids #WestMi #WestMichigan #Michigan #PureMichigan #MotuViget

Published: 26.03.2019 to 02:36:51
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“But do you really have to do homework momma?” 💛 #GrandRapidsMichigan #waxing #bodywaxing #fullbodywaxing #esthetician #estheticianlife #estheticianconnection #esteticallypleasing

Published: 26.03.2019 to 02:35:44
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House for sale, let’s go take a look! #listing in Hudsonville, MI Stunning 4 bedroom 3 bathroom house that is move-in ready! 3525 Tearose Drive Hudsonville, MI 49426 Broker: Five Star Real Estate Give me a call and let’s go take a look! . . . . . . . #GrandRapidsMichigan #westmichigan #michigan #grandrapidsrealestate #grandrapidsrealtor #grliving #househunters #househunting #puremichigan #michiganders #michiganawesome #michigander #michiganrealestate #michigangrown #michiganlove #michiganoutdoors #dontheagentonfire #justlisted #forsale #newlisting #houseforsale

Published: 26.03.2019 to 02:27:24
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Why would an Airman want to attend a Marine Corps course?. . Read below: . . This pic shows an Air Force member participating in Corporals (E-4) course. It’s a Marine Corps leadership and management course but any branch of military can attend! . . . To answer the question above: This training is used not only in any military situation in the world, but propels your abilities outside of the military to be that proven professional! This is what organizations and business leaders look for! This is another reason why having the Marine Corps on your resume sets you ahead of your peers and why other branches want to attend our courses. . . Hit me up if you want to know more..

Published: 26.03.2019 to 02:17:46
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Invisible illness💫 #lymediseaseawareness ✨ When you look so healthy on the outside but feel prisoner to your own body on the inside.📛 ✨ First week of treatment has been rough but I know it will get worse before it gets better and this to will pass.🙏🏼 ✨ Daily Symptoms I discuss with only my close family/friends are: 👇🏻 •Brain fog (to the point I can forget a friends name standing in front of me) •Joint pain/stiffness (my body feels old af) •Nausea (constant) •Pelvic/bladder pain (like a UTI that never goes away) •Headaches + sensitivities to certain lights/smells •Chronic fatigue (feels like I can never get enough sleep) •Dis-oriented often as if I may pass out (this feeling comes and goes) •Racing heart •Stomach pains when I eat followed by extreme bloating (not flattering or comfortable) •Feeling Sluggish/weakness in my body .... the list goes on but these are the most debilitating symptoms I feel. ✨ I want to bring more awareness to this disease and help ANYONE I can along the way because my symptoms went undiagnosed for years and that is NOT ok.😣 ✨ I will overcome and I have a incredible healing protocol + warriors that have made it to the other side guiding me through this.👊🏻 ✨ Taking care of my emotional/energetic bio-field through this with Breathwork + Energy Medicine has been key.👏🏻 ✨ It’s allowed me to work through the emotional barriers keeping me sick on a soul level. We truly have to re-train our minds+hearts out of that way of being, especially if you’ve been dealing with chronic illness for several years as it becomes your new norm no matter how much your logical brain wants to heal. ✨ Looking forward to the day in the VERY NEAR future when I have a all natural healing protocol to help other people dealing with #lymedisease or any chronic health crisis to overcome on all levels mind+body+spirit.💛

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