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Published: 19.05.2019 to 23:55:33
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sometimes all you need for a #SelfCareSunday is a good book & a comfy bed 😴✨ 📚

Published: 19.05.2019 to 23:52:28
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Just over here working on becoming an official plant mama with a bunch of baby plants sprinkled throughout my home 😍 I am seriously becoming obsessed with snake plants! They may not look like much but can withstand ALOT. My humble warrior heart is in love with these babies 💕💕💕

Published: 19.05.2019 to 23:26:06
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HAPPY #SCIENCESUNDAY 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬 from your friends at The Village! Did you know math + science are best buddies? They work together ALL the time! In Little Scientist’s Club on Monday we’ll be making our own Chia Pets 🌱 and learn how to measure their hair, experiment with their growth and add and subtract their measurements! If you’re unable to make it to class tomorrow to make your own Chia Pet with us, here’s instructions on how to make your own at home! . You’ll need: 🌱 a small and medium terra-cotta pot 🌱 acrylic paint 🌱 waterproof sealant spray 🌱 potting soil 🌱 grass seed . For detailed instructions, visit our friends over at @bigfamilyblessings at the link in the bio! . Once you’ve made your Chia Pet, it’s time to incorporate science 🧪 and math ➕➖! Measure how much the grass grows each week before giving it a “hair cut ✂️!” You can also set up an experiment- does the grass grow better by the window ☀️ or in the dark 🌙 ? Measure and compare! These activities are also great for counting practice and real world math experience! . To make your own Chia Pet, join us on Monday for Little Scientist’s Club at 10 OR 4:15! We’ll also have a planting themed sensory bin 💦 🌸 🌱. . Reserve your spot today, as our classes fill up quickly! The RSVP link can be found in the bio! New to The Village and want to come check us out? Visit our website (link in bio) to request your FREE 🙌 10-day trial pass! . . . #GrandRapidsMichigan #GRMI #grgram #iheartgr #westmichigan #littlescientist #littlescientists

Published: 19.05.2019 to 23:04:37
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Trying to just take a moment and breathe today. || The time is quickly approaching where I move from Huntsville Alabama to Grand Rapids Michigan. || I am so delighted that my husband is going to be completing his medical training at such a great place, but it is going to be difficult for me to say goodbye to the place that helped my business flourish, gave me one of my very closest friends, and bloomed the prettiest springs and allergies. || I’ve been extra emotional this week and wanted to take the time to thank those who have given me grace and to those who have supported me. || I know that Huntsville will always be remembered with so much gratitude and joy!

Published: 19.05.2019 to 23:01:29
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Hey Grand Rapids 👋!! Here’s your weekly schedule for The Village! We have so many fun classes for your kiddos to enjoy this week! RSVP at the link in the bio. . ‼️PLEASE NOTE‼️ There is NO Baby Sign Language 🤟 on Wednesday. Miss Emily G. will be enjoying a family vacation. See you next week! . New to The Village? We offer a 10-day FREE 🙌 trial pass to newcomers. Visit our website (link in bio) to request yours today!! . . . #betteratthevillage #thevillageofmi #bettertogether #bettertogetheratthevillage #infantclass #toddlerclass #preschoolclass #GrandRapidsMichigan #GRMI  #grgram #iheartgr #westmichigan #sensoryplay #preschoolcraft #earlyreader #littlescientist

Published: 19.05.2019 to 23:00:56
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Fun little boho style on one of my coworkers from the other day!💓 • • • • • • • • • • • • • #GrandRapidsMichigan #grandrapidshairstylist #hollandmichigan #grandrapids #hollandhairstylist #westmichiganhairstylist #hairdo #hairsalon #curls #curlyhairstyles #hairgoals #boho #bohowedding #bohoweddinghair

Published: 19.05.2019 to 22:18:01
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#GrandRapidsMichigan #itwasalladream #lit #alfaontheroad #alfateamnosleep #allwedoisgrind #saturdaynight

Published: 19.05.2019 to 21:50:32
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Monday morning life hack👉🏽 spray some dry shampoo in your hair and rock a TOP KNOT... it will help hide the fact that you didn’t wash it 🙌🏼❤️ . . TAYLOR//GAINES . . . . . #GrandRapidsMichigan #design1salonspa #gaines #topknot #hairstyle #hairstyleoftheday #amika #privehair #cutehairstyles #monday #sundayscaries #grandrapidshair

Published: 19.05.2019 to 20:54:52
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What to do in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 🎨✈️🍴 #grrbucketlist & tag for possible features.

Published: 19.05.2019 to 20:29:45
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Too excited not to share my find from today’s rummage sale with you all - thanks @fultonstmarket 😀

Published: 19.05.2019 to 20:22:01
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It's ok to have Jesus and a therapist too! ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #GrandRapidsMichigan #michigantherapist

Published: 19.05.2019 to 20:11:57
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Don’t forget to look up. . #GrandRapidsMichigan

Published: 19.05.2019 to 20:11:05
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For anything that tempts you.....remember....

Published: 19.05.2019 to 19:38:44
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Happy 15th birthday to my mini me, my terd, my little sister! I love you forever Madi!. . We've had some good times together. Touring Washington D.C., racing on bird scooters all summer in San Diego, shooting in the desert in Arizona, and so much more. . You've become a great young woman and you can't strike me out now but you're a beast on the mound!. . I'm so happy to be your big brother and no matter what is going on, I'm always going to be there for you.

Published: 19.05.2019 to 19:36:52
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Fish Ladder Park in Grand Rapids offers such an awesome view of the city and well, amazing rapids! We were mesmerized by the sights, sounds and power of the water. Oh, and there's lots of free parking! Whoot! . Follow the link in my bio to see our interactive downtown Grand Rapids walking guide and map! It was such a fun day!! . . . . #GrandRapidsMichigan #grandrapidsmi #thegrguide #greatlakesstate #welivetoexplore #greatlakesstateofmind #gogreatlakesbay #thegreatlakestate #greatlakesloving #liveoutdoors

Published: 19.05.2019 to 18:40:23
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I was that person who would call BS on this type of “making the best friends over the internet”. . I’ve created the strongest friendships right here on the gram by showing up authentically me and sharing my journey to help others do the same. . It’s crazy that if I hadn’t said alright f*** it I’m in, I wouldn’t be where I am in my life. I wouldn’t be HERE today. I remember thinking, okay what’s the worst that can happen? I get in the best shape of my life, have all the tools to make me the happiest version of myself, and make new friends along the way? . That’s a pretty good worst case scenario 🤷🏼‍♀️ This has got to be my FAVOURITE part. Having this community where we can travel and hang for the weekend like we’ve known each other since elementary school. The free trips, financial freedom, fancy parties, all the shiny stuff... ♥️ . #WHYNOTYOU

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