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Published: 23.03.2019 to 01:41:00
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What vehicle is your main focus? • #McKinneyTexas

Published: 23.03.2019 to 01:10:26
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Friday vibes, y’all 😎🙌🏻. Big boys are camping with Dad, little guy is having a sleepover with Mims and Padoo and it’s about to get super crazy over here with a long overdue closet clean out 🤗.

Published: 23.03.2019 to 00:09:37
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In the spirit of March Madness, a shout-out to 3 special schools that are a large part of Duino Coffee! I had my first sip of espresso in Duino, Italy, where I lived & studied at the UWC Adriatic. A few years later, I was inspired by San Francisco's 3rd-wave coffee shops, which became my obsession as an undergrad at USF. The idea for Duino Coffee was born and became my graduation project. 25 years later as an MBA student at Texas A&M, Duino Coffee's business plan was completed. Duino Coffee was ready to become a reality! I owe these schools for my inspiration and knowledge. I can't wait to see what the future holds for family owned business!

Published: 22.03.2019 to 23:25:37
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Industrial trays to keep up with your orders!!!Busy day filling up orders!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE orders will soon be at your door!!!! . . . . #McKinneyTexas #mckinneyfarmersmarket #fitness #fitnessmotivation

Published: 22.03.2019 to 23:16:53
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Last night we made Keto Kung Pow Chicken 🐔 and we ate it on romaine lettuce 🥬 like 🌮. It came out delicious 😋 . . . #McKinneyTexas #mckinneyfarmersmarket #fitness #fitnessmotivation

Published: 22.03.2019 to 22:48:59
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Stop by and see our awesome massage therapist tomorrow am at #theoriginalmckinneybikeshop #cadencecyclery in #downtownmckinney Leandra with be there between 10 and 12 for free post ride massage, what what!!! . . #McKinneyTexas #sciatica #sportsinjuries #massage #activereleasetechniques #cuppingtherapy #triathletes #bestofmckinney #bikerides

Published: 22.03.2019 to 22:31:05
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✨Richardson, Texas —One of DFW’s best-kept secrets, experience a one of a kind luxury apartment that’s conveniently located to EVERYTHING‼️ ⠀ ⠀ 1 🛏starting @ JUST $1140 2 🛏starting @ JUST $1620 ⠀ ⠀ ✅ Apartment & Community Amenities ✅ ⠀ ⠀ 🗿Stainless Steel Appliances ⠀ 🆙Elevator Access ⠀ 🏊Luxury Pool ⠀ 🐕Dog Park ⠀ 🔥Outdoor Fireplace ⠀ 🏋Fitness Center ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🌟PLUS A FREE 3-hour Move or $200 gift card 🌟 📲 PHONE 214-624-9892 Inbox | Comment | Text | Call | Email Now🔥🔥

Published: 22.03.2019 to 22:28:07
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2019 Spirit of McKinney Volunteer Awards 🏆🏆🏆 #McKinneyTexas #SpiritofMcKinney #Motivation #Inspiration #volunteer #makeadifference #compassion #Kindness #bekind #motivational #heart #generosity #awards #nonprofit

Published: 22.03.2019 to 22:06:03
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Come check the different designs of the Freemax Twister adjustable sticks today!

Published: 22.03.2019 to 20:46:22
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So excited to be part of this technology advancement in the North Texas area. We have received so much support from businesses in McKinney and look forward to future growth! Go #mckinneytx

Published: 22.03.2019 to 20:45:21
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Ego Aio’s available now, affordable with good flavor and a battery that’ll last you through your work day!

Published: 22.03.2019 to 20:35:42
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Come get the @wismec Hi-Flask today while we still have them! They’ll be gone soon!

Published: 22.03.2019 to 19:50:54
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The second you realize what you’re doing is difficult, immediately realize that’s what makes it great 💪🏻 #2PerformFitness #FitnessMotivation #KeepGoing

Published: 22.03.2019 to 19:45:30
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Checked out The Yard yesterday in McKinney, TX! Great drinks and great food! #McKinneyTexas #theyard #theyardmckinney #outdoorbars #dallastexas #texas #iphoneography #outdoorphotography #outdoors #chillvibes #visitmckinney #foodanddrinks

Published: 22.03.2019 to 19:30:12
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McKinney DAS: because you can get a top notch, hands-on education and STILL have fun🥳

Published: 22.03.2019 to 19:05:59
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BANA-BERRY!!! 🥛🍓🍯🍌

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