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Published: 21.01.2019 to 19:35:21
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Downtown Waterbury, CT at night. #WaterburyConnecticut

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Rainy day in Downtown Waterbury, CT #WaterburyConnecticut

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Palace Theater in Downtown Waterbury, CT. #WaterburyConnecticut

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Published: 20.01.2019 to 20:56:24
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Commit your work to the lord. [Proverbs 16:3] . . . This year is already off to a great start, and with every day I remember to give credit where it lies. God is so good and he has allowed this second career of mine to blossom in more ways than I could imagine. So I thought what better way to express my love and appreciation then with a Mary Magdalene inspired shoot with THIS QUEEN! I will continue to give him all of the praise for all he is doing in my life. 🙌

Published: 19.01.2019 to 18:39:17
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I decided to roll out my Printables into my current Etsy Shop! I’ll be releasing a new print every day this week! I’m posting this first because we’re looking at snow and ice in CT tomorrow. I love snow days...I love how the world gets quiet and you're forced to slow down. I love a cup of hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate and watching the flakes fall gently to the ground. This print is inspired by the clock tower in my hometown of Waterbury, CT. Whenever I drive home to see my folks I see this tower. Waterbury is known as the Brass City and so all the snowflakes are made out of gears. Also Waterbury was in it's heyday in the 30's - 40's as one of the premier industrial cities in the Northeast and so I chose an Art Deco font to go along with the message of Let it Snow! This is a DIGITAL PRINTABLE. That means after you pay for it you get to download and print it at home or your favorite print shop! No worries about shipping! See Shop link in profile. —- #WaterburyConnecticut #connecticut #newengland

Published: 18.01.2019 to 23:34:18
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My heavenly beautiful one and only dream of all my dream's thinking about you alway's baby.😘 Love you baby beyond the history of life. #WaterburyConnecticut

Published: 18.01.2019 to 17:06:13
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🧤The snow is on it's way! Need medical attention? Come and see us, we're here this weekend!❄️ Friday: 8am - 8pm Saturday: 9am - 5pm GENESIS MEDICA 1327 Meriden Road Wolcott, CT 06716 Wolcott/Waterbury Line Walk-Ins Welcome! We accept Medicaid, Medicare and most all Commercial Insurances P: (475) 224-6766 . . #WaterburyConnecticut #internists

Published: 15.01.2019 to 18:08:32
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Thanks for the video @papi_sofrito Having a good time with CT Roller

Published: 13.01.2019 to 09:53:33
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Ladies taking over at rollerMagic . . . Having a good time #WaterburyConnecticut #bridgeportconnecticut #hartfordconnecticut #skatelyfetv #itmyskatenight #rollerskatingnight #justskate #danburyconnecticut

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Published: 08.01.2019 to 16:57:18
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Need a Primary Care Provider? Call us or just walk-in to see one of our caring providers today. P: (475) 224-6766 . . . #WaterburyConnecticut #internists

Published: 04.01.2019 to 19:05:43
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What are you waiting for? Come have some fun with us and learn some healthy habits to get you started off right in 2019. #WaterburyConnecticut #waterburymall

Published: 03.01.2019 to 00:25:46
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Join us for our grand reopening Wednesday January 2nd... serving lamb, beef and chicken Gyros.. falafel wraps and platters... #WaterburyConnecticut #gyro #lambgyro #falafel #chickengyros #beefgyros #apetizer #apetizers #cafetería #cafe #coffeshop #restaurant #coffeebreak #coffeehouse #coffeetime☕

Published: 29.12.2018 to 10:29:25
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Finally home! And she wasn’t tired at all according to her! Home at last and what a trip to get here!! . . #WaterburyConnecticut @savingmindsnow

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