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Published: 20.11.2018 to 20:04:03
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TEAM TUESDAY: Today we are highlighting our fearless #leader, Mark Wright! FUN FACTS ABOUT MARK: ✔️Mark has been in the mortgage industry for over 10 years. ✔️Mark is a licensed loan originator in #Oregon, #Washington, #Arizona, #Nevada, #Utah and #California ✔️Mark is fluent in #Mandarin and comes highly recommended by agents and clients in the Asian community and surrounding areas. Aside from being an awesome leader, Mark is outgoing, fun and energetic and his love for the mortgage industry is absolutely contagious. Thank you for all you do for our team Mark! To connect with Mark visit

Published: 20.11.2018 to 06:35:15
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I love this classic open eye set!! 😍😍😍😍😍

Published: 20.11.2018 to 06:29:05
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#WestJordanUtah #blue #bluecars @raysmsc @rallyarmor

Published: 20.11.2018 to 02:28:49
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I love this new color! #WestJordanUtah

Published: 20.11.2018 to 02:21:11
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Look what I found in Logan Utah! #WestJordanUtah #westjordanhighschool #westjordanhigh #alumni #classof08 #blackandblue 💙🖤💙🖤

Published: 20.11.2018 to 00:37:16
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So beautiful! 🖤

Published: 19.11.2018 to 21:24:12
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An elegant accent wall can add so much character to a room! Do you agree? 😍

Published: 19.11.2018 to 06:30:45
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🌈 #WestJordanUtah #picoftheday #outdoors #tumblr #grunge

Published: 19.11.2018 to 05:16:10
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💗💗 #WestJordanUtah #utahesthetician #saltlakelashartist #lashboss #utahesthetics #eyelashextensions

Published: 19.11.2018 to 05:15:01
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I LOVE this reminder! Show me pictures of what your thinking and I will do the best I can with what you naturally have!!!

Published: 19.11.2018 to 05:06:03
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Healed PMU! 🖤

Published: 19.11.2018 to 05:04:25
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Published: 19.11.2018 to 04:59:58
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Let your family and friends know that I'll be having Black Friday specials!! Let's get you some lashes!!!! 🎅🎅👀👀👀

Published: 19.11.2018 to 04:44:33
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I love a textured classic lash!!

Published: 19.11.2018 to 04:43:37
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Show me thos pretty lashes ladies!

Published: 19.11.2018 to 01:37:14
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