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Published: 19.12.2018 to 02:05:09
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“I Love You More Than Coffee” moments in black and white from Austin, Corrie and baby Jamie’s in home, family lifestyle session. ▫️ I hung out with this family for a few hours while they decorated their tree, frosted cookies and sweet talked their adorable baby (she’s pretty stinkin cute!) This family is celebrating their first Christmas as a family of three and it makes me feel real warm and fuzzy knowing my images are helping them celebrate. I watched Austin and Corrie lovingly laugh together as Austin decorated cookies in one hand and held a sleeping baby in the other. They told me their house is perma baby voice zone and I really can’t blame them lookin at Jamie’s sweet little nose! ▫️ Swipe all the way to the end for a surprise from their four legged child!

Published: 18.12.2018 to 23:01:59
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WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE PRODIGY PROJECT? . The project is designed to show and teach people how to transform into someone they never thought they could be. On whole new levels. To become a completely different person with a new body and a new mind . Being a PRODIGY IS A WAY OF LIFE. You either have transformed or are in the process of transforming into a person of having exceptional qualities and capabilities. You RISE UP FROM WHERE YOU ARE NOW.. and you forge a new person. Through pain.. through discipline... through suffering.. you forge a individual that impacts others . You lead those around you. You help them on their journey .. guide them.. be the person you wish you knew when you were just starting. The purpose is to transform you into a soldier. A SOLDIER OF LIFE. An unstoppable person that will never be pushed down. A person that fights through the storm and obstacles and comes out stronger than before. . Once you make this transformation... you are not like others. You are not like the rest. BUT.. it is your duty to help others RISE ABOVE AS WELL.. RISE TOGETHER . Everybody wants to change .. this is a chance. Take the first step and be on your way to becoming a PRODIGY. You don’t ever have to live or be the way you are now.. if you choose NOT to. So ... . SUIT UP. Get ready... and get to work🔰💯 #phoenixlifestyle #davidgogginsmotivation #hoorah #soldiersoflife #theprodigyproject #intenseworkout #sufferingbuildscharacter #painbuildsstrength #painbuildscharacter #mma #bodybuilding #fitness #sports #life #music #football #basketball #passion #becomesomeonenew #recreateyourself #5amclub #navyseals #marines #hardtothecore

Published: 18.12.2018 to 21:44:41
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Burrr it’s cold outside! ❄️ Better to stay in & bake up some holiday treats!👩‍🍳 How wonderful are these cookies!Professionally made by #phoenixlifestyle #decoratedcookies #phxlife #royalicingcookies #holidayparty #holidayfun

Published: 13.12.2018 to 17:26:32
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Better than just a massage. 22 years experience. All photos of and by poster ($1 of all sessions goes to charity) Hands on healing. I've got your back. Let's activate your bodies energy points and restore physical and emotional well being. I know the theories of anatomy and physiology that work to relieve pain, stress/dysfunction in the body like the back of my hands. Book today. My massage table is ready for you. 480-559-5909, M-F, 10AM-7PM.

Published: 12.12.2018 to 20:22:03
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So sweet. An early gift from my husband. (All photos of and by poster) . . $1 of a sessions goes to charity. 480-559-5909. Mind, Body, Spirit. One cannot be without the others. Hands on healing. Sore muscles? I've got your back. M-F, 10AM-7PM. Book today. . . Meet Kali. (Approximately 600 CE) She is the violent face of justice and ultimate love. The Goddess of Time, Change, Destruction and is the most fierce of all the female goddesses. To know her as Devine allows us to see the reality of her aspect. Liberated and worldly. She is no monster; rather she is a protector, a symbol of empowererment and is considered of "ultimate reality" the source from which all gods spring.

Published: 12.12.2018 to 01:49:23
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Great views today of The Stewart! Welcoming new residents into floors 3-7 first! Message us today for more info on floor plans & pricing! #livingthedream #historicdistrict #newconstruction #downtownphxliving #phoenixlifestyle @TheStewart #picoftheday

Published: 11.12.2018 to 19:38:12
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Freeeeeee💆 All photos of and by poster. 480-559-5909, M-F, 10AM-7PM. Another shipment has arrived for you. Calming. Gounding. Lava malas from overseas. Free bracelet after session. . Shed unwanted layers, access energy, flow clearly and keep energetically balanced. Book a session on my massage table today. Sore muscles? I've got your back. $1 of all sessions goes to chaity.

Published: 10.12.2018 to 18:22:15
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Happy Holidays and Very Well Health. Don't forget to eat your veggies. (Photo taken by husband at the Phoenix Public Farmers Market) . . 480-559-5909. My massage table is ready for you. M-F, 10AM-7PM. Your bodywork practitioner for life.

Published: 08.12.2018 to 20:17:48
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Who's asking Santa for a puppy for Christmas?? I'm not this year so please let me take pictures of all the puppies and soak them in! This little lady was the perfect host bright and early this morning and I even snuck in some pictures of her humans too 😉 Also I love that she was adopted as a pup from the humane center. Please remind Santa to adopt not shop 👍🏻🎅🏻

Published: 07.12.2018 to 18:49:43
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Another client clearly loves my work! All these gifts for me, brought back from India! 🙏 Gratitude. $1 of all sessions goes to charity. All photos of or by poster. Time on my massage table is never wasted. 480-559-5909, 10AM-7PM, Closed Saturday and Sunday. Sore muscles? I've got your back. Why knot? Your bodywork practitioner for life. . . . Meet Ganesha He is a Hindu deity and plays a dual role of a supreme being powerful enough to remove obstacles and ensure success or create obstructions for those whose ambition has become destructive. Ganesha is an archetype who you might call upon when you’re about to embark on a new endeavor. As the Remover of Obstacles and the god of success, Ganesha is honored throughout Indian and in Hindu cultures, at both secular and religious ceremonies. When someone launches a new business or moves into a new home, for example, the elephant-headed god is invoked to bless the venture. Like other archetypes, Ganesha can be a source of inspiration or act as a role model as you try to achieve a goal. Archetypes are found everywhere, including in art, literature, and movies. Archetypes can be anyone who has traits you admire. In the Vedic tradition, they can play valuable roles in your relationships and spirituality as well as help shape your values and potential. Archetypes represent all of our collective soul’s yearnings, imagination, and deepest desires. And these themes have existed forever.  Revered for his cleverness and wisdom, Ganesha is also known as the patron of letters and learning. Ganesha is the scribe who wrote down the legendary Indian epic the Mahabharata, dictated to him by the ancient sage Vyasa, according to some scholars of Hindu literature. It is said that Ganesha agreed to transcribe the epic only if Vyasa would recite the poem without pausing. In many depictions of Ganesha, he is shown holding a broken tusk in his lower right hand like a pen, perhaps symbolizing the sacrifice he made in feverishly writing the Mahabharata. Another interpretation of the broken tusk is that it’s a symbol of the truth that outward imperfections have nothing to do with inner perfection.

Published: 07.12.2018 to 01:00:22
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#DYK @ilovefarmandcraft hosts #ILoveWineAndPizza every Thursday? They have locations in Uptown Phoenix and their menu is filled with savory flatbreads and rich wines. Their team is at the ready to help you pair the best options together! Isn’t it time for a couple’s night out? Soon you will be able to attend with your Avance neighbors. 🍷🍕🍷

Published: 06.12.2018 to 18:00:46
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All photos are of and by poster. $1 of all sessions is donated to charity. 480-559-5909, M-F, 10AM-7PM. . Autumn. How beautiful it is to let go. Hands on healing at its best. Book today. Gift certificates available.

Published: 05.12.2018 to 18:58:41
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Puns intended. Hands of a healer. Better than just a massage. $1 of all sessions goes to charity (Every photo of and by poster) 10AM-7PM, M-F, 480-559-5909. I wood harvest some time on my massage table. In all ways, branching out is natural. Going out on a limb for betterment should be autumn-matic. You are either stumped or calling to feel aww-tumn. Pick one. -Serving the Valley of the Sun for 22 years. Your bodywork practictioner forlife.

Published: 04.12.2018 to 01:35:56
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The news is out! We are proud to officially announce we are welcoming Snooze to The Stewart! Set to open in 2019! #downtownphxliving #phoenixlifestyle #cityskatephx @TheStewart #foodie #drinktime #Breakfast #Repost @fortworthlovelit @snoozeameatery @buzzfest #foodiefeature #allthingsfood #tacos #foodpics #yum #MySnooze #Repost @erinn.elanor #picoftheday

Published: 03.12.2018 to 19:58:40
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480-559-5909, M-F, 10AM-7PM. Ole´ You'll leave my massage table feeling grounded and so good you'll being doing the Monday Sashay. Feel great every time! It's nice to be kneaded! 💃 (Photo of and idea/me. Taken by poster's hubby. Best hubby in the world.) $1 of all sessions is donated to charity.

Published: 03.12.2018 to 09:03:22
Marks: 23

Sewing late into the night wondering if I’ll finish this quilt before Santa comes 😂🎅🏻 #phoenixlifestyle

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