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Look Sharp. Live Smart.

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Published: 24.05.2019 to 18:03:20
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“I really always worked hard, because I recognized from a pretty young age it was one of the only things I could control." GQ cover star @SethRogen opens up about fame, failure, and lessons from Kanye at the link in bio. (📸 @sebastianmader) #NewGQ #sethrogen

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Published: 24.05.2019 to 15:00:10
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#YourMorningShot, Ishmael Butler: "Perfection is in the pureness of the instinct rather than some toil.”

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Published: 24.05.2019 to 01:00:04
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We should all aspire to feel as content in black tie as Adrien Brody seems to. #BigFitoftheDay

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Published: 23.05.2019 to 17:31:52
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Tennis star Frances Tiafoe ( @bigfoe1998) aces his GQ fashion shoot. See all the photos at the link in bio.🔥🔥 #atp #tennis

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Published: 23.05.2019 to 17:28:20
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Frances Tiafoe ( @bigfoe1998) is the next great American hope. The 21-year-old grew up on a tennis court—just not in the way as stars before him. Read more at the link in bio.🎾 (📸 @erikmadiganheck, styled by @tietztietz) #NewGQ #atp #tennis

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Published: 23.05.2019 to 14:30:05
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#YourMorningShot, Andre 3000: "The problem with being successful is you can do whatever you do times ten. And no one to stop you. You can easily go down the wrong path and you get into that place. And the thing that brings you out is other people."

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Published: 23.05.2019 to 03:00:11
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Big Willie Style. #BigFitoftheDay

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Published: 22.05.2019 to 19:00:53
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Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt arrived in pristine tuxedos for the #OnceUponATimeInHollywood premiere in #Cannes yesterday. Read more about the duo's leading man style at the link in bio.

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Published: 22.05.2019 to 15:30:06
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#YourMorningShot, Kyle MacLachlan: "I was thinking about this the other day—what makes me laugh? When you see something funny, do you laugh or do you go, what I do, 'Man, that is funny'? Rarely do I find myself just bursting out laughing."

Author: @gq
Published: 22.05.2019 to 05:30:15
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Sure, David Beckham's fit is big—but the Louis Vuitton suitcase is massive. #BigFitoftheDay

Author: @gq
Published: 22.05.2019 to 01:24:42
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Seth Rogen breaks down his most iconic characters, from #KnockedUp to #PineappleExpress, and many more. Full vid at the link in bio.🙏🎥🤣

Author: @gq
Published: 21.05.2019 to 20:33:29
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For people whose casual impression of Seth Rogen begins and ends with the gallery of quasi-employed, stoned men-children he played in his 20s, it might be hard to fully comprehend that he, now 37, is a legitimate Hollywood operator and entrepreneur in his own right, with a career that extends well beyond acting and writing. In addition to developing, writing, and acting in his own film projects, Rogen produces television, does voice work, and with his wife, Lauren Miller-Rogen, created @hilarityforcharity, a series of comedy shows that's raised millions for Alzheimer's care, support, and research. He's also writing a book of essays, due out in 2020. That lingering low-achieving persona of his old characters, though, might be a blessing, since it has provided a cover against public scrutiny and raised expectations for Rogen, the human, who arrived in Hollywood as a teenager and hasn't stopped working since. The man, like the myth, may be a burner, but he's also a machine. Read more at the link in bio. (📸 @sebastianmader) #NewGQ #sethrogen

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