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Author: @jennaafaith
Published: 20.05.2019 to 00:47:56
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you already know i had to snatch mrs. j’s quote for my senior pics

Author: @jennaafaith
Published: 18.05.2019 to 03:24:50
Marks: 388

it took me 11 minutes to finally jump off of a really high cliff.

Author: @jennaafaith
Published: 15.05.2019 to 03:20:05
Marks: 337

almost is never enough @arianagrande

Author: @jennaafaith
Published: 14.05.2019 to 00:59:09
Marks: 320

totally diggin’ the SA living stage setup & lowkey wanted to fall asleep on the couch... but that wouldn’t be good for tv ratings.

Author: @jennaafaith
Published: 13.05.2019 to 01:19:29
Marks: 388

when i see my grades & get told i’m still graduating:

Author: @jennaafaith
Published: 05.05.2019 to 23:02:43
Marks: 457

i think i got another grade 3 sprain jumping in heels but i won’t blame this one on track & tackitt

Author: @jennaafaith
Published: 01.05.2019 to 02:51:36
Marks: 447

go crazy & go stupid cause we’re graduating!

Author: @jennaafaith
Published: 27.04.2019 to 21:31:40
Marks: 333

dreams became a reality this night... TAKE ME BACK!!

Author: @jennaafaith
Published: 21.04.2019 to 21:46:00
Marks: 336

it’s candy day

Author: @jennaafaith
Published: 18.04.2019 to 01:50:39
Marks: 155 Views: 563

yes, you caught the girls powerlifting team swole as heck at prom 😎 #prom2k19

Author: @jennaafaith
Published: 16.04.2019 to 01:44:20
Marks: 305

to my brother: i wanted to see you standing there in amazement once i walked out of my room. i wanted to see a shocked look on your face & tell me how beautiful i looked. but you weren’t there. as i stood in front of my mirror before walking out, i cried wondering how one of my biggest moments had come so fast without you. the best i could do was put on pretty face & know you’re watching over me. i grabbed your picture, put it to my face, and smiled for the picture being taken. i miss you.

Author: @jennaafaith
Published: 15.04.2019 to 00:16:50
Marks: 310

i had THE BEST prom date there. don’t even question it. #prom2k19 🌷🌸💐

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