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𝖇𝖊 𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘥 | ‘¹⁹

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Published: 09.12.2018 to 03:56:28
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candy coated

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Published: 26.11.2018 to 00:43:02
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‪no more second chances- available everywhere NOW!!!! ❤️‬ ‪(, itunes, spotify, google play music, pandora, etc...) ‬

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Published: 19.11.2018 to 00:19:01
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🌧. ⛈. 🌦.

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Published: 05.11.2018 to 02:11:12
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“i can’t wait to hear your music! you’re such an inspiration, thank you for doing what you do.” thank you for your kind words & taking time to talk to me. you’re an amazing person & an inspiration yourself.

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Published: 27.10.2018 to 06:23:18
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friday night lights

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Published: 14.10.2018 to 20:23:25
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MY GIRL PLACED 1ST IN THE YOUTH DIVISION IN KENTUCKY!! gabby!! i’m so proud of you & can’t wait to see where you go! i see a mini me in YOU!! i’m so happy you reached out to me to help mentor you!! congrats hun. i love you & see you next month 💙

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Published: 30.09.2018 to 23:47:27
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happy october eve.

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Published: 17.09.2018 to 23:23:41
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radio dj’s are SUPER weird even though i made him wear these for this picture. maybe a new radio release will come out soon? <3

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Published: 16.09.2018 to 22:44:28
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the best thing is when little surprises, like this one, run up to you after your concert. i love meeting new minis!!! 💙 me: hey, do you know you’re pretty? caelyn: yeah. me: do you get that a lot? caelyn: haha yeah! @ascendmusicandmedia

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Published: 15.09.2018 to 23:17:38
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@stjude , thank you for giving me the opportunity to come. it was such an eye opening experience. i can’t wait to come back & recieve more loving hugs. ❤️ #rubthenoseforgoodluck @ascendmusicandmedia

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Published: 15.09.2018 to 00:14:31
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