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THE oversized immersive entertainment experience; Walter the Bus, Big Red, Kalliope, Heathen, Peace Train & MonaLisa ⬇️ Write-up on BLOOM

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Published: 23.04.2019 to 21:57:40
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See you soon!!🔥 #walterproductions #thewaltershow

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Published: 15.04.2019 to 16:49:32
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🌻BLOOM 🌺🌸was pure magic. Thank you to everyone that showed up and helped us make it a night to remember. We’ll do that again!! Promise. 🎼: @djmykill and @djkue 🎥: @thrillwave_ . #walterproductions #wherehousegallery #phoenix #330bloom #justbenice

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Published: 09.04.2019 to 05:52:07
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Thank you @phoenixprideaz for another fabulous year! We love you! 🌈✨ ✨ Full Photo Album on Facebook Walter Productions . 📸: Chris Patrick #walterproductions #startwithlove #kalliope

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Published: 08.04.2019 to 03:51:38
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Mona Lisa! #monalisaartcar #walterproductions #Repost @edc_lasvegas ・・・ 🔥 Is it May yet?! 🔥 #EDCLV2019

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Published: 06.04.2019 to 18:00:07
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We’re at @phxlightsfest this weekend! Come say hello to Mona Lisa! 📸: Kristina Ricci . #walterproductions #artcar #monalisaartcar #phxlightsfest

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Published: 05.04.2019 to 16:37:12
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Who’s ready to dance with us this weekend at PHX Pride?!? Find us Saturday and Sunday at the Dance Pavilion with @kalliope_soundstage! #walterproductions @phoenixprideaz #startwithlove #justbenice

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Published: 03.04.2019 to 20:08:12
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We’re still on cloud nine from BLOOM! 🌸🌺💐🌼💗💕🌼 Got plans this coming weekend? If you’re looking for more Walter / @kalliope_soundstage vibes come dance with us at @phoenixprideaz at Steele Indian School Park on Saturday & Sunday night at the Dance Pavilion! See you there!! 🕺💃🕺🕺💃💃🕺 #walterproductions #startwithlove 🎥 @swanndive / @thrillwave_

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Published: 02.04.2019 to 03:14:30
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Thank you #Phoenix for making BLOOM a night to remember! (Swipe for more photos AND you’ll find the full photo album on our FB Page) 🌸🌺🌼🌹💐🥀 Photos: @voidmine #walterproductions #startwithlove #330bloom

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Published: 31.03.2019 to 03:45:32
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We're really lucky here at Walter. We have the greatest friends in one of the fastest growing cities in America. Everyone who performs with us comes from our community - we grow together, you know? And so, constantly, we're looking for welders and musicians and yogis and painters and each of these artists surprises us and brings a gentle expertise that we couldn't find anywhere else. Sometimes we find an artist that we weren't looking for. Someone who pushes the edge of what we can use to create happiness with the people we love. Jeff Davis @jeffdavis_art is one such artist. Using compositional algorithms as a medium of visual art, Jeff captures the frontier spirit that we all feel in our souls. See him tonight at BLOOM! #walterproductions #phoenixartist #330bloom

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Published: 31.03.2019 to 01:04:36
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A beautiful day sharing Mona Lisa at Emerge Festival at ASU! #monalisaartcar #walterproductions

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Published: 30.03.2019 to 22:08:39
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There's a special feeling we all get with black light. Hard to explain. It's a glow that doesn't appear naturally and so the art is modern, but taps something very curious inside of us. The Phoenix Painter Margarete Beeson @feltphoenix uses this technique to create works inspired nature. This unique blend of SuperNatural light mixed with ancient images creates a magical reality that has to be seen in person to be truly felt. But here's a few photos ;) What natural images would you love to see in this style? Maybe we can inspire Margarete together :) See you tonight at BLOOM! . . #walterproductions

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Published: 30.03.2019 to 01:08:20
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The human mind is incredible. When you’re either performing an action or watching someone else perform it, mirror neurons begin to fire. They are the reason you can actually feel empathy for another person, because you mentally put yourself into their physical position. We want our art and our experiences to lift you as high as possible. so that you feel as INCREDIBLE as possible. With the mirroring mind, what better way to lift us all up than with those who fly? Nic Chavez of 3 Queens Circus will show the limits of human strength, flexibility, and grace... and have a blast while doing it ✨ Thank you for helping to ELEVATE us Nic. Thank you for helping us Bloom. 💥BLOOM ticket link in our IG Profile! #walterproductions #330bloom #threequeenscircus

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