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Настроение - тупить, петь песни за рулем и ждать весну. А кажется, дождались, сегодня был отличный тёплый день в приятной компании девчонок 💃 #Спокан #спокен

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#Спокан #кот #cat #путешествия #жара #heat

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Лидер и вокалист популярной христианской металкор-группы "Memphis may fire" Мэтти Маллинс обладает уникальным для всей кор-музыки сладким тембром голоса, который больше подходит для попа. Но Мэтти уже и сам давно смекнул, что к чему, и в 2013 году начал сольную карьеру, продолжая при этом играть в основной команде. Уже с выходом дебютного одноимённого релиза музыкант предстал перед фанатами в непривычной для них ипостаси, исполняя дэнс-рок/электро-поп. Тем не менее, альбом был воспринят на "ура" и даже дебютировал достаточно высоко в Billboard 200. Сразу 5 композиций стали синглами: "My Dear", "See You in everything", "By my side", "99% soul" и "Glory". После такого успешного дебюта Мэтти с лейбла Rise перебрался на BEC, где выпустил свою вторую пластинку "Unstoppable". И если первый альбом больше посвящён личным переживаниям музыканта, то второй выполнен с уклоном в поклонение. Гостевым исполнителем стал Джордан Фелис (вокал на одноимённом сингле); сам же релиз впоследствии оказался весьма успешным на христианском музыкальном рынке. Таким образом, Мэтти в очередной раз продемонстрировал свою незаурядность и укрепил свою репутацию одного из самых востребованных современных христианских исполнителей. Дата и место рождения: 3 июля 1988 года, г. Спокан, шт. Вашингтон Альбомы: 2014 - Matty Mullins (66-е место в Billboard 200) 2017 - Unstoppable #Спокан #вашингтон #spokane #washington @mattymullins

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Dear friends, stop by my open house tomorrow from 1pm till 4 pm at 16915 E Morningside Ln, Veradale WA 99016. Gorgeous spacious house!!! Please share this post if you know somebody who might be interested) Here is complete information about the house: https://katya.exithomesforsalespokane.com/listing/mlsid/237/propertyid/201826608/. #Спокан #spokanebusiness #spokanedoesntsuck #spokanerealtor #spokanerealestate #spokanebusinessowner

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BUYING A HOME PART II. LET'S GO LOOK AT HOUSES))) After the financial part is cleared and you know what you want, it's a good time to go and actually look at the houses! Statistics shows that buyers look on average at 7-9 houses before they put an offer. Although I had clients who put an offer on the first house they saw, how awesome is that! I would love for everyone to know something that may help you understand real estate agents better. When buyers are asking an agent if "this is a good neighborhood/school district" etc. - agents by law can't answer these questions. And the name of the law is Fair Housing Act. The act limits our freedom to say what we think about the house, the area whether we agree with an act or not. The purpose of the law is to make sure that every house has an equal opportunity to be sold) And that we are not discriminating anyone. What I can do for my buyers is to give them links to the websites where they can do their own research about the area ( sex offenders, crime, school rating, parks…whatever you need). Enough of the boring stuff! Let's say we are out in the field trying to find that one perfect home for you) Here is my advise: when you look at the house, try to look pass the color of the walls, the ugly dirty carpet, not perfectly clean bathrooms.. I understand that it's nice to have a ready to live in home, but think of the process as an opportunity to make it your own house. You can choose the paint, new carpets, you are the designer and creator at this point! At the same time, trust your feelings and your vision for the family. What YOU want is the most important, and that's my number one priority! Go get them tigers:)

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Ok people, from the previous videos you’ve learned about “D”and “I” personality types. Let’s look at the “S” which stands for supportive) These guys will be your best friends! 👫 If it’s the first video you are watching, look up previous two) Your Spokane realtor, Katya! KatyaSellsSpokane.com

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Marker overview is here) have a great weekend everyone) #Спокан #busymom #workingmom #realtor #realestate #lifeisgood #ninemilefalls #buyersagent #sellersagent #love #lovespokane #exitrealty #buyhomeinspokane #sellhomeinspokane #spokanemom #lovespokane #realestatemarket

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The Power Of Made Up Mind I was listening to my absolutely favorite motivational and inspirational speaker Brian Buffini, he was talking about the Power Of Made Up Mind, what a beautiful message! Have you made up your mind to be a great spouse, parent, daughter or son, coworker? Have you made up your mind to eat healthy, to take care of your body? Have you made up your mind to the point where giving up is not an option anymore? My mom is a living example. When my little sister Irina was 5 years old or so, we discovered that her vision was horrible! Doctor gave her eye glasses that were so heavy and ugly! Mom asked the doctor if the surgery could help to improve the vision, but the answer was 50/50: blind or 100%. Mom didn't take that risk, but committed herself for the next 10 years to do everything she could to help Irina see again. And she did it despite unbelief of almost everyone, even doctors! Now Irina is the only one in our family without glasses. When my cousin was literally dying in the hospital because of stage 3 cancer, mom took time off from her work, and came to tell him that he was going to live, that there were no other options for him. Doctors gave up, but mom kept writing to the Minister of health of Russia until she got a response that they found The Doctor who would operate for the lat time. My cousin lives today, and I believe that it's because mom made up her mind to do anything it takes to give Pasha hope and chance to live. I made up my mind to be a great wife (that's the hardest:), great mom, supportive friend. I made up my mind to be one of the top realtors one day because I want to take care of my parents and buy them a house in America so that they can move and live here if they choose to. The list goes on) Friends, how committed are you to your goals and dreams? Have you made up your mind? It doesn't seem so scary when you take one step at a time...

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BUYING A HOME PART II. HOME SEARCH MECHANISMS This hands on article will teach you how to find YOUR dream home, or at least something that would work for your family at this moment) I assume that you already had a conversation with everyone who would be involved in the home search process, you agreed on your needs and wants, discussed your priorities... Awesome job you all!!! That's huge, and I mean it. The process of searching for a house is a process of eliminating! We simply eliminate the options that wouldn't work for you. As of today there are 2,563 active listings in Spokane county, that's quite a bit. What I do for my people is I share an awesome app called HomeSnap, where they can look for the houses on their own pace and with the criteria they choose to add. You would see what I see except for some confidential information, isn't it awesome? What I love about the app is that the status of the house is always up to date, which mean if the house is marked as FOR SALE, it really IS for sale! This app is connected to our realtor's MLS (Multiple Listing Services), and updates withing 5 min of any change on the MLS. Here is the link to the app: http://www.homesnap.com/Katya-Walker While you guys are doing your own search, I will set you up on Collaboration Center - an automatic e-mail notification system that will notify you immediately when a new listing comes on the market that suits your needs and wants. I can always modify the search if it looks like you are not getting the listings you are interested in. There is also a number of houses that are for sale by owner, and I am also monitoring them for you. Not everyone wants to use a realtor to sell their house after all. Selecting houses is a fun process) And I am truly amazed with how technology allows us to look inside the houses while sitting at the couch at our current home, or coffee place) Let's put all of those resources into a good work) Please share this article with someone you care about. I am always here to help and answer any questions) Have a wonderful week, KatyaSellsSpokane.com (509) 280-2231

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D type personality;) here we go) You could watch the full video on Facebook on my business page Katya Sells Spokane. #Спокан #russianspokane #realestate #realtor #buyersagent #sellersagent

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BUYING A HOME PART II. HOME WISH LIST In the beginning of this message I would like to thank everyone who reads my articles and shares with people they care about. Even if it helps one person out of a thousand, my work is paid off) Let’s talk about exciting stuff now) So, you are all pre-qualified or pre-approved, which means that you know how much you can and should spend on your new home. Now is a good time to reconnect with your real estate agent, who most likely stays in touch with you at all times. This is how I do business with my clients: stay connected during the whole home buying process to make sure that the buyer is well informed, educated and prepared for the next step. Real estate professional will ask you to fill out your Home Search Wish List. ATTENTION PLEASE!!! At this point have a long conversation with your spouse, kids, parents and whoever else will be involved in the home buying journey!!! Why is it important? – Because you ALL need to be on the same page to avoid future frustration. Just a quick example, when my husband and I decided to buy a house, we started talking about the house of our dreams, and oh boy how different it was!!!! We had such a different picture in mind: country house vs city, a lot of land vs small yard, how close schools, shopping, hospitals should be... My small nugget of wisdom is this: breathe deeply and open your mind to new ideas! Talk to each other and hear what your partner says. There is always a compromise, you just need to find it. What are your needs, wants and dreams? What is nonnegotiable and what can be flexible? What is your timeline for purchasing a house? And don’t get me wrong, talking about a future home can and should be fun, it just wasn’t in my personal experience 😊 I wish everyone an adventurous and productive week! Always happy help, Katya Walker # #Спокан #busymom #workingmom #realtor #realestate #lifeisgood #ninemilefalls #buyersagent #sellersagent # love #lovespokane #exitrealty #buyhomeinspokane #sellhomeinspokane # #homesweethome #pacificnorthwest #pnw #washington #buyers #sellers #househunting #homebuyers

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На съёмках тизера🎥 #Спокан #актеры #коты #cool #hot #teaser #stooting #actors #skay #atmosphere #fire #voronezh #vrn

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BUYING A HOME PART I. WASHINGTON STATE HOUSING FINANCE COMMISSION (WSHFC) This is going to be the last article about loan types before we dive into the exciting process of purchasing a home. We already know that VA and USDA loans offer financing with no down payment, which is a huge advantage for veterans and those who would like to live in rural areas. But what if you are just a regular person who wants to buy a house and don't have that much saved up for a down payment? This is where WSHFC comes to the rescue. The Commission was created by state law in 1983 and helped over 73,000 home buyers. This program targets people with a limited income (but almost everyone can qualify here in Spokane since the income limit statewide is $145,000 per household). The Commission believes that every person has to have an opportunity to purchase a house despite the financial challenges. Come on, we all know that it's quite hard to come up with 20% for the down payment, especially for those who are buying for the first time. This is how the program works. First, you need to be eligible to obtain the loan with WSHFC. Here is the criteria: - Attend a home buyer education class, its a mandatory 5 hour free of charge class, where the buyer gets the certificate of completion, and then can apply for the loan. Here is the website where you can find all classes in any city in WA http://wshfc.org/buyers/education.htm - Apply for a loan with a trained loan officer - Have a debt-to-income ratio at or below 50% - Have a minimum credit score of 620 - Have the property inspected before closing It is going to be an FHA loan with 3.5% down, but if you use the downpayment assistance program, then the Commission gives you 4% (with no interest on that 4%, but you have to repay it when you pay off the loan or refinance) to cover that plus the remaining 0.5% you can use towards closing costs. Interest rate right now varies from 5.1 to 5.8%. Would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the loan. Have a wonderful day, KatyaSellsSpokane.com

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BUYING A HOME PART I. REVERSE MORTGAGE (HECM) Couple days ago I had a chance to learn from the loan officer who specializes in reverse mortgages, and I finally understood the principles and benefits of it! This type of mortgage is targeting a specific age group, 62 years old or better. Now, younger people, don't rush to stop reading the message, you all have parents and grandparents who might benefit from this program. A HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) is different from all other types of mortgages. It is an FHA loan and it does not become due for as long as the homeowner lives in the property as their primary residence, continues to pay required property taxes and insurance and maintains the home according to FHA requirements. So the main idea of reverse mortgage is to allow elders to purchase a new home that meets their needs better and not worry about mortgage payments and actually leave more cash in their hands after the sale of the previous house. Reverse mortgage loans can also be used to pay for home renovations, medical and daily living expenses. How does it work? When you buy a new house, you take out a much smaller loan (because you are making a very significant down payment), then your monthly mortgage payments (Principle and interest) are added to an existing loan. Your mortgage amount will keep growing up until you reach the full purchase price of the house (including projected appreciation) or sell the house. In case you've reached the limit, you can sell the house and pay off the loan in full. In case if senior passes away, then his or her hairs can sell the house, pay off the mortgage and buy the house back (if they want to) with 5% discount of an appraised value. Again, this is a completely different type of loan that needs much more attention then what I've uncovered in this article. For this purpose, I have a great loan officer who is happy to dive deeper in understanding the mortgage. Feel free to ask for a number) Hope this information helps some people. I'm always here to serve buyers and sellers in Spokane. Have a great day, KatyaSellsSpokane.com

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BUYING A HOME PART I. CASH DEAL Let me share a little bit of my background very quick. I was born and raised in Russia, moved to America at the age of 25. I never new what debt or a credit card was up until I moved overseas. I had to learn about credit score, student loan, medical bills and all sorts of other debt the hard way. And let me tell you, I felt like sinking every day, as if someone put a heavy rock on my chest and I couldn't breath anymore. It took me a long time to finally get out from the attitude of a victim and become a debt fighter. I am a firm believer in cash today and always just because it gives you a wonderful feeling of financial stability, freedom and self respect. With cash you don't spend more then you have, and that's a huge problem in our society today. Bruce and I didn't buy our house for cash, but I have friends and past clients who did, and it makes me very happy) So here are the advantages that you get when you don't have to take out a loan: - If you buy a $300k house and pay cash, it will cost you $300k vs if you take out a loan, you might end up with a $450k house. In other words, borrowing someone else's money will cost you almost an extra house! - With the cash deal you can close on a house and own it in a week after the mutual acceptance. In comparison, the shortest amount of time with the loan is about 30 days (although lenders would prefer 40-45 days rather then 30) - If there is a situation of multiple offers, the seller might choose your offer just because it is a cash deal!!! Cash buyers might also offer less then the asking purchase price and still get an accepted offer, just because it's cash!!! - Closing costs are lower with cash: you don't pay for appraiser, no origination fee, no discount points etc... There are other benefits of buying a house with cash, but even the ones I described above are pretty good) If you've never heard who Dave Ramsey is, google him right now and order his book. It might change your life. Thank you for taking your precious time to read my articles! Always here to help, KatyaSellsSpokane.com #Спокан #spokanerealtor #realestateagent #buyersagent

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BUYING A HOME PART I. USDA LOAN US government is very supportive of developing rural areas around the country. On April 30, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 7027 which established the Resettlement Administration (what we know today as USDA Rural Development). During the Great Depression, this Administration provided aid to destitute families by helping them relocate. They also restored soil to eroded areas and issued emergency loans to farmers. I find this kind of loan fascinating. Not all of us are willing to be farmers, but those who are have a government support! How great that is. So, USDA stands for The United States Department of Agriculture. Not every property will pass the USDA requirements. Property must be in an eligible rural area or community. Generally speaking, it can be an area of less than 10,000 persons except that certain communities between 10,000 and 25,000 population are considered rural based on their distance from urban areas. When we hear "rural" we may think of a house in the middle of nowhere. But you may be surprised to find out how many areas are USDA eligible. Just like the area needs to meet certain criteria, borrowers' income does the same thing. It is interesting that to calculate the income eligibility, Department of Agriculture takes into account the income of everybody who lives under the same roof and working, even if some of them are not on the loan! Here are some of the major advantages of the USDA loan: -100% Financing (depends on a credit score) - Low Mortgage Insurance Rates - Low Interest Rates - Flexible Credit Guidelines - No down payment requirement for applicants with a credit score of 620 and higher - Finance in Cost for Repairs/Upgrades Here is an official USDA website, where you cold find out loan requirements, income and property eligibility: https://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov/eligibility/welcomeAction.do Hope this information is helpful to somebody who is looking into living a country life) Always here to help, KatyaSellsSpokane.com. #Спокан #rurallife

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