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@sierranevada Hazy Little Thing IPA – 6.7% ABV – 40 IBU bought @hyvee The smell has the hoppy scent you are looking for with a slight fruity to citrus aroma, it is not overwhelming but you know there are hops in the beer. The taste does not have that slap of hops a IPA can have but for me it is not memorable, but it is an easy drinking beer and if I had this outside with some friends it would be really good and would be in my hand. . . . . #nebraskacraftbeer #beerlovers #beer #lovebeer #lovecraftbeer #craftbeerlove #craftbeerstagram #craftbeerlife #cerveza #bier

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Lucky Bucket Red Sunshine American IPA – 6% ABV bought at @hyvee from @luckybucketbrew The smell is very fruity even though it is an IPA there is no hop scent but what can you expect for pomegranate, raspberry and green tea kinda smells like candy. Well if hops flavor is what your looking for this is not the beer for you, I’m not saying it is bad tasting it is just that that as an IPA this is close to a shandy. But I love this beer we call it the gummy bear beer. . . . . #nebraskacraftbeer #beerlovers #beer #lovebeer #lovecraftbeer #craftbeerlove #craftbeerstagram #craftbeerlife #cerveza #bier

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Well we have some new beers we had tonight, I think we went IPA tonight maybe a stout or ale in there hahahaha. Be on the look out for the reviews. . . . . . #nebraskacraftbeer #beerlovers #beer #lovebeer #lovecraftbeer #craftbeerlove #craftbeerstagram #craftbeerlife #cervesa #bier

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Without a doubt, brewery hopping is my most favorite way to spend an afternoon 🍺☀️ #microbrews

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Post race libations. Thanks @thunderheadbrewingomaha for this delicious IPA with a great name. #nebraskacraftbeer #beerlove

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Pals Outdoor Beer Oasis is alive and well! Bring the family, including your dogs, and enjoy the sunshine while sipping on a PALSBREW! Play some cornhole while your kids play in the sandbox. When you get hungry be sure to order a pizza or some famous nachos! Don’t forget to fill up your growler of Palsbrew before you leave. #nebraskacraftbeer #independentcraftbeer #makeithappen

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Cleaning the leftover yeast at the bottom of the bright tanks is the most satisfying part of my day. 🎶: “Feathers” - Turquosie . . . . . #nebraskacraftbeer

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Hey #nebraskacraftbeer #cider #naturalwine #goodlife

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SPICY BEER MUSTARD and I highlight Charcuterie at Rustic and Red gifts in Cozad. Delightful guests and fun conversations with plenty of dipping and munching. Also handsome and sturdy Charcuterie Boards and slate for occasions both formal and casual. BUY your Charcuterie Board and Spicy Beer Mustard at Rustic and Red. #locallysource #nebraskacraftbeer #Lostwaybrewery $cleanlabel #condiments #thespeakeasy #backalleybakery #womenwholovecraftbeer

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Old school pop top FTW! @nebraskabrewing kickin’ it old school with this West Coast. Check out how it was over on The Tailgate Foodie FB page!

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@jj_jeepgirl48 - #nebraskacraftbeer

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@pintninebrewing @victorinoc @edccooperative #nebraskacraftbeer #brew #stout #edcgear #edccooperative #sak #everydaycarry

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Bella likes @whiteelmbrewing as much as I do! But she comes for the @beerpaws biscuits! #nebraskacraftbeer #nebraskabeer #craftbeerlove #beerpaws

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SURPRISE! Double BEER RELEASE today to take away your rainy blues 👏! We’re tapping the Palgian Quadrelicious AND (it’s back)the @pinkbootsne These Boots Were Made for Hopping Beer at 4:00 today🍻The Belgian Dark Strong Ale is a BIG beer! Savor the sweet aromas of sugary figs and raisins while admiring the thick luxurious foam. A few sips will leave you with a lingering aftertaste of stone fruits, raisins, and pure joy. #nebraskacraftbeer #brewerylife #rainydays

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New in Stock! LIMITED! @ziplinebrewing MAAANGO! IPA - We added mango 🍊to our already dank and tangy 🥤DAAANG! IPA. Some beers name themselves (8%abv): 6.99/750ml now available at #nebraskacraftbeer

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⛳️“FAMOUS GOLFER”🏌🏽‍♂️ 🏭 @cosmiceye.brewing 📍 LINCOLN NEBRASKA #nebraskacraftbeer

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