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#Battenberg #pfalz

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Ending a fantastic weekend with angel cake in my mum’s garden. I made the pair of us this pink and lemon sponge to share over a pot of tea and it was wonderful. Definitely one of life’s simple pleasures. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Ingredients for my gluten free and vegan angel cake is below. . . . . #Battenberg #prettyfood #frosting #cakedecorating #afternoontea #timeforcake #fitfam #glutenfreecake #healthylifestyle #buttercream #vegetarian #sweettooth #vegancake #whatveganseat #pinkfood #freefrom #pinkcake #dairyfreecake #glutenfreerecipes #mumanddaughter #lowfodmap #lemoncake #lemoncurd #teaandcake . . . . GF vegan lemon cake ingredients: 320g gluten free self-raising flour, sifted 200g caster sugar 160g dairy-free margarine 300ml dairy-free milk (almond, oat or soya) 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar 2 tsp lemon extract 1 tbsp lemon juice 1 tbsp baking powder 1/4 tsp xanthan gum 1/4 tsp good quality pink food paste Lemon buttercream ingredients: 300g icing sugar, sifted 150g dairy-free margarine 2 tsp lemon extract 1 tbsp lemon juice

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My Sunday tea. #Battenberg #oldschool #sundaytea

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To the Unknown Maker who knitted this battenberg; you’re my kind of person 👏🧶🍰 • • #Battenberg #knittedbattenburg #knittedcake #knittedfood #knitting #thecummingscollection #charityshop #opshop #thriftstore

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Wij gaan trouwen... nieuw blog online, link in de bio. #Battenberg #coffee #koffie #koffietijd #coffeetruck #baristagram #love #lovecoffee #daf33 #variomatic

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A year of Royal Weddings! . Wedding No 48 - Princess Victoria of Hesse (later Victoria Mountbatten, Marchioness of Milford Haven) and Prince Louis Alexander of Battenberg (later Louis Mountbatten, 1st Marquess of Milford Haven). . On 30 April 1884 Princess Victoria of Hesse and married Prince Louis Alexander of Battenberg at Darmstadt. . At family gatherings, Victoria had often met Prince Louis of Battenberg, a member of a morganatic branch of the Hessian royal family. Prince Louis had adopted British nationality and was serving as an officer in the Royal Navy. In the winter of 1882, they met again at Darmstadt, and were engaged the following summer. . After a brief postponement because of the death of her maternal uncle, Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, Victoria married Prince Louis in 1884 at Darmstadt. . Rather amazingly, particularly since the Queen was in residence, Victoria’s father, the Duke, chose that same evening to marry his mistress, Countess Alexandrine Hutten-Czapsk. The union shocked the Hessian people and enraged his family, particularly his in-laws. Perhaps thinking that his daughter’s wedding would overshadow the event, the reaction was so fierce that he would eventually be forced to seek an annulment. . She married Prince Louis of Battenberg and lived most of her married life in various parts of Europe at her husband's naval posts and visiting her many royal relations. She was perceived by her family as liberal in outlook, straightforward, practical and bright. . During World War I, she and her husband abandoned their German titles and adopted the British-sounding surname of Mountbatten, which was simply a translation into English of the German "Battenberg". Two of her sisters—Elisabeth and Alix, who had married into the Russian imperial family—were killed by communist revolutionaries. . She was the maternal grandmother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. . . . . . . . . #Battenberg

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Royal engagement of Princess Victoria of Hesse and Prince Louis Alexander of Battenberg. . Princess Victoria of Hesse was the eldest child of Princess Alice, Queen Victoria’s second daughter. When Princess Alice died in 1878, Queen Victoria took up the mantle of offering her grandchildren motherly guidance. Princess Victoria became one of her favourite. . Later, she wrote: “My mother’s death was an irreparable loss … My childhood ended with her death, for I became the eldest and most responsible.” Victoria became responsible for three younger sisters, Ella, Irene and Alix, as well as a younger brother, Ernest. . She was well-acquainted with a cousin from the Hessian side of her family, Prince Louis of Battenberg, in her youth. He joined the British Royal Navy and later became acquainted with the Prince of Wales, and Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh. By the winter of 1882, he took a temporary leave to visit his family in Darmstadt, where he and Victoria became re-acquainted. . By this time Victoria was approaching her 19th birthday and a relationship developed between them over the next several months and they were engaged the following summer. . Her father did not approve of the match; in his view Prince Louis had little money and would deprive him of his daughter's company, as the couple would naturally live abroad in Britain. However, Victoria was of an independent mind and took little notice of her father's displeasure. . . . . . . . . . #Battenberg

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The Battenberg decals really show their purpose on grey days like today. My bike may look ridiculous, British expats may slow down when I pass them, but at least cagers should be able to see me. #Battenberg #highvis #ididntseehim #anglophilia #rulebritannia #swmotech #swmotechtrax #triumphmotorcycles #logancountyok #guthrieamerica

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#Repost @the_vaping_apprentice with @get_repost ・・・ On the amazing battenberg from @peakyvapours definitely check out the link on their page for all your vaping needs #peakyvapours

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This battenberg’s got strong checkerboard game! 👏🍰😋👍 #Battenberg #bakingwithfriends #lovetocook #baking #getyourbakeon #inthekitchen #yummy #ldn #bakinglove #bakingmakesmehappy #londonbaking #lovetobake #bakingfun #learntobake #cakelove #bakingtime #foodie #londonfun #tasty #london #tooting #bakingeventslondon

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A birthday cake for a lovely friend. #Battenberg flavoured sponge with an almond buttercream #unicorn #dripcake #unicorndripcake. Happy #40thbirthday Sarah! xx

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saturday baking 🧁

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Girlie afternoon tea on this foggy Saturday 💕😘 #Battenberg #sugarhigh #surprise #girlsgirlsgirls #teafor3 #smiles #blondes #brunette #atethelot

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A cheats guide to birthday cakes 😂 #Battenberg #chocolatefingers #jaffacakes #animalsinpartyhats #cakecheats #homemadebirthdaycake 😂

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die letzte zeit!🙏😜 #Battenberg #vsbfromhell

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In keeping with my fascination of Princess Alice of Battenberg or Princess Andrew of Denmark and Greece... I present the Meander tiara. Swipe ➡️ to see it worn by 3 royal ladies . The tiara, which in recent years graced the bride Zara Tindall, made its way to Great Britain via Zara’s grandfather Philip, who’s was Princess Alice’s Son. . The tiara made its first appearances in 1914 on Princess Andrew about a decade after she became a princess of Greece and Denmark. The Greek key design with honeysuckle motifs and central laurel wreath is very appropriate for a princess of Greece. . The diadem is quite simple in its design and although there are other Greek key or meander tiaras out there, I somehow feel this design and its proportions, really surpasses them all. . Geoffrey Munn (the doyenne of jewellery) reportedly attributed it to Cartier, which is my mind makes a LOT of sense. It is not overstated or overstyled. The central element is really very elegant. So yes, given the Lady Allen tiara’s similarity (see previous post)and it’s elegant proportions, I believe that. . I have shown it worn on 3 royal ladies going back in time. I can’t find any images of Her Majesty wearing the diadem but assume she had such an enormous arsenal of tiaras that this one didn’t suit her or she simply preferred others. . So it came to pass that it graced the head of the Princess Royal as a young lady at events such as the opening of Parliament, portraits, glass and state events. . Are you a fan? . . . #Battenberg #greece #greek #jewellery #jewelryaddict #tiaralover #diamonds #jewelleryblog #jewelryblog

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