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🇷🇺 🇩🇪🇲🇰🇰🇷🇳🇱🇱🇺🇵🇱🇧🇾 /Photographer//Explorer/22/ /From Russia// Live in the NL/ /Strong and independent wife in love/

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A. M. S. T. E. R The spirit of the city 🌷 #amsterdam #netherlands #yamstagram #visitamsterdam

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I. C. E. 💙 Ice skating ⛸️ - done✔️ Warmuping weekend with the good friends - done✔️ Good mood for the whole week - done✔️ #amsterdam #iceskating

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P. A. R. K. Magical park with 🍄 cute houses. #efteling #netherlands

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O. L. D. Time back. My soul need a miracle 🌟🎠 #efteling #netherlands #oldschool

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M. E. 🐙 He said, you look fine 😂 where can I take a model course? Well anyway, under this 'only one funny pic in the park' some more interesting facts about Efteling: 🎆One of the oldest theme parks in the world 🎆The park first opened its doors to the public on 31 May, 1952 🎆Walt Disney visited Efteling in the early 1950s and was inspired to break ground on his own theme park in California 🎆Efetling is open 365 days a year интересные факты о Efteling: 🎆Один из старейших тематических парков в мире 🎆Парк впервые открыл свои двери для публики 31 мая 1952 года 🎆Уолт Дисней посетил Efteling в начале 1950-х годов, вдохновился и задумался о своем собственном тематическом парке в Калифорнии 🎆Efetling работает 365 дней в году #efteling #netherlands #park

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E. F. T. E. L. I. N. G. 🌟 Droomvlucht*dark ride Here unicorns 🦄 and forest creatures ✨ come to life! Amazing experience, awfully long line, but it worth it! We were waiting around 55 min to get it, most of the ppl were with small kids, but what is inside would be interesting even for grown-ups, magical atmosphere, seems to be like a fairy-tale 🎡 .... О чудо, пишу на русском. Многие давно уже писали и просили перевода или просто родного русского... Так вот, были мы тут в парке...🤔 На самом деле must see, конечно большенство аттракционов для детворы, но и взрослым скучно не будет. Я не любитель американских горок совсем, были на одной из 5, зато все места для <120 см посетили 🎡👌 #efteling #netherlands #traditions

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L. O. V. E. 🌷 Several days ago it was the 'nationale Tulipday 2019'. There were 200.000 tulips from the greenhouse, for sure. A lot of people asked me is it already time for tulips? Nope, not yet. The season will start around the end of March until mid of May! So don't be late! 🌷☀️ #amsterdam #netherlands #tulipentijd #topamsterdamphoto

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A. M. S. T. E. R. 💛 Beauty of the city. #amsterdam

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Y. E. A. H. Girls thanks a looot for this crazy weekend! See you soon 🔜 🌷 #amsterdam

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T.U.L.I.P.S Its time for tulips! Yesterday it was tulips day in the Netherlands! So many ppl, so many flowers🌷⚘🥀🧡

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P.A.R.K Gezellig tijd, be like a dear🦌 #amsterdamsewaterleidingduinen

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X.M.A.S..N.E.W..Y.E.A.R. Long understanding of everything around...happy new year to everyone and happy upcomming xmas in Russia! #newyear #xmas #happywe